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Media West Con 28 (Days 1 & 2)

I've got two of five reports done. Enjoy! :)

Links: Media West Con 28 and mwcontripdiary.

Day One: (Thursday, May 22, 2008)



It’s always a good omen when I get a town car instead of a van when I’m picked up for the airport.


It was pretty much smooth sailing most of the way except for a security breach at the Detroit airport.  Never a good thing!  But a half hour was all it took to resolve it, whatever it was.  Whew!  I was with other fans (our crowd!) so had company.


It’s always fun to ride to the hotel in their shuttle with other fans.  It really feels festive that way.


I got into the hotel on time and unpacked, ironed (my T-shirts were pretty wrinkled) and waited for Khylara, my con roommate.  I spent time outside in the courtyard, a small area with fake glass-topped tables, white chairs, and two small fountains.  Trees surround the courtyard and the birds like it, chirping away every day.


The hotel renovated to the point of new carpet, new couches in the atrium, and re-painting the corridor outside Hummingbird’s, the hotel restaurant, and inside as well.  They could still use work, though, as parts still look shabby.  At least it’s a start!


Khylara got in late due to delays, so we went to dinner around eight o’clock at Hummingbird’s.  We met two newbies to Media West when we arrived, Khylara having already met them at the airport.  Sarah and Barry were excited to be at their first Media West con, and I assured them that the first time was going to be the best.


I ordered the hamburger with mustard, ketchup, red onion, tomatoes, and lettuce accompanied by coleslaw, fries, and a dill pickle spear.  Happily it was good!


After dinner Khylara and I decorated our door with Hogan’s Heroes pictures.  HH was the fandom in which we ‘met’, so we decided it was finally time to do a door of the show.  While we were decorating a fan stopped by and we had fun discussing what we remembered about the show, prompted by the pictures.


One of the best things about Media West (or any con), are the conversations you have with people you know and people you don’t!  And impromptu ones are sometimes the best ones!


And I saw Deb when Khylara and I were going through Mysti Frank’s suite (she sells dozens and dozens of zines at the con).  She is a lovely lady and my fellow comics fanatic at the con.  ;)   



Day Two: (Friday, May 23, 2008)


First day of the con!  Khylara and I went down to Registration after breakfast and met Sarah.  We talked while we waited in line, which wasn’t very long.  Yay! 


The first panel I attended was Starsky & Hutch gen.  We discussed how the boys would be depicted if they were on the air today.  S&H would probably be an ensemble show since that’s the trend.  Would they be able to be as easy with the physical touching with each other?  Probably not, as that would be too ‘gay’.


I had a lot of fun at the Smallville panel.  I enjoyed the final four minutes of this season’s finale and we all had strong reactions to it.  I need to feed the bunny that’s been nibbling at me since the finale!  J


I spoke with Jill and George after the panel and we made plans for dinner the following night.


Speaking of Smallville, I bought chocolate from a room dealer and mentioned the show, and she was a fan, though she’d stopped watching as the later seasons pulled Clark and Lex apart.  I did tell her about the finale and their powerful scene together, and she might catch the episode in reruns! J


I picked up my LJ icons from the Dealers’ Room.  One is the icon in this post, the other is the flower crown post with Bruce and Clark smiling, and finally, Bruce and Dick kissing. The Steve/Diana icon got several comments as to its beauty. :)


The DC/Marvel Slash panel was great fun!  Crimsonquills brought her laptop and pimped some of the cap_ironman stuff and Steve/Tony in particular, and we also discussed DC pairings as well.  We had six people, a good turn-out for comics slash!


I wandered down to the video room around ten o’clock, figuring the gen vids would be running, when I was surprised to learn that the slash vids would be starting!  Usually they are shown at midnight, but this year there were fewer new gen/het/slash vids, and not as many from the past.  There were actually times when the vid room wasn’t showing anything, the first time that’s ever happened.


The slash vids were very well done.  They featured The Professionals, Tara and Willow from Buffy, The Vampire Slayer (the song was The Lovin’ Spoonful’s “Do You Believe In Magic?”), Supernatural, Starsky & Hutch, and The Sentinel.


I liked getting to see the ending of Supernatural, and always love seeing Starsky & Hutch.  For a popular fandom, I haven’t seen many videos of the guys over the years at the con.  It was extremely well-done, and how could you not figure these guys were gay with all the touching and love?  ;)


A word about The Sentinel: it was outstanding, as manipped images of the boys making love were interspersed with scenes from the show.  Definitely needed to keep the door closed for this one!  ;) 


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