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Community (Much Love) :)

Hey, flist, have pity on me, and don’t post too much over the weekend, huh? If it’s nice weather, go outside! ;)

Then again, if you come up with a plot bunny or two for my favorite couples, who am I to complain? ;)

Before I left (I should be on for a little while tomorrow during the day as I have to print out my boarding pass) I wanted to write a little about how much this DC LJ community means to me (and a little bit of Marvel, too!). You have been wonderful, giving me my writer’s lifeblood (comments) and even more importantly, there for me when I’ve had rough times in my RL.

It shows in things like the Anonymous Praise Thread, for which I wanted to thank everyone for the wonderful things they said! I really needed that.

That’s why a final thought on Final Crisis: please consider staying even if your favorite characters have been royally screwed by DC. There is a lot of canon to work with, and our creativity can go beyond ‘official’ canon.

I write Wonder Woman/Steve Trevor, and they haven’t been a romantic couple since 1986. Yet why deny myself the pleasure of writing them simply because they aren’t canon? They were once upon a time, but their spirits speaks to me, and that’s why I write them.

The same can be done for the Bat-family, and Bruce in particular. Don’t let your love of the Bat-family or S/B be derailed by anything DC does! They don’t deserve your time or anguish. These are people who don’t care about the characters and just want to go for shock value.

Vote with your pocketbook! If Final Crisis doesn’t suit you, don’t read the titles involved. Read the back issues you haven’t seen, or re-read them, or read special issues unaffected by FC.

We’re luckier than movie-based people (Stars Wars, for example) or fans of a series that only lasted a season or two. They work with limited canon and create reams of stories and oodles of art! :) Qui-Gon/Obi-Wan were onscreen maybe for ½ of one movie and there are literally hundreds of stories out there about them! How lucky are we with 70 years of canon to play with?

This community came together because of a mutual love of DC Comics. We have become a true RL community as well.

Don’t let DC take that away from you!
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