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Ficcish Update!

Okay, I guess I’ll post this ficcish update:

So far, out of my three longfics, the following have been posted:

12 out of 41 chapters of Rainbow’s Freedom (RobinSong Arc)

8 out of 12 chapters of Jewels In The Crown I: Hera’s Chalice

4 out of 7 chapters of The Better Angels

The LJ Anniversary fics for saavikam77 and jen_in_japan are simmering.

I finally started my entry into the The S/B Annual #2 Big ASS Contest. ;)

I also voted already for the WFA 2007 but haven’t completed the categories yet.

The chapters above could change before I go off-line for about a week. I’ll be off from Thursday to Monday, and possibly more. I plan to try and catch up on the flist first before I start posting fic, but I’ve learned to never say never! :)

Do you think you can survive without BradyGirlfic for a week? ;)

I’m very excited about my Diana/Steve essay for superhero_muses being posted tomorrow. It’s crystallized my thoughts on this unique relationship in DC, and was a lot of fun to write! :)

I have a lot of plot bunnies for these two, and for my other pairings as well. I need to also get busy on my two other essays for Jen! :)

Thanks to merfilly for making me this beautiful icon, and rai_daydreamer for the wonderful art it was made from! Rai, I'll get back to you on those other icons. I've just been so frazzled lately! Sorry!

I hope the on-line DCU community will still be here when I get back! Remember, folks, whatever happens in Final Crisis, we’re a community! Screw DC and their dumb ideas! ;) I’ve found wonderful RL support here, and damned if DC would ever drive me away from it!

And we have a lot of different eras of canon to keep us busy, boys and girls! So even if they knock off characters you love, remember, these characters never really die as long as we’re around! :)
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