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Fic: Jewels In The Crown I: Hera's Chalice (8/12)

Title: Jewels In The Crown I: Hera’s Chalice (8/12)
Author: BradyGirl
Pairings/Characters (this chapter): Steve/Diana, Medea
Genres: Romance, Drama, A Touch Of Mystery
Rating (this chapter): R
Warnings: Some violence, mention of rape 
Spoilers: None
General Summary: When Queen Hippolyta sends a precious Amazon artifact to America with an Amazon guard, both cause Diana and Steve no end of trouble.
Chapter Summary: The undercurrent of hostility from Medea toward Steve finally explodes.
Date Of Completion: March 31, 2008
Date Of Posting: May 17, 2008
Disclaimer: I don’t own ‘em, DC does, more’s the pity.
Word Count: 1545
Feedback welcome and appreciated.
Author’s Notes: Dedicated to our hardy band of Steve/Diana fans! :)
Special thanks to jen_in_japan , whose enthusiasm for this project kept me going with a smile on my face. :)
All chapters can be found here. 





Rage burns

And curls around her,

Like a flow of lava,

Bubbling and savage.


Her pain

Never leaves her.


Ellen Lazenby

“The Black Widow

Of Wisteria Lane”

2006 C.E.



It was quiet here in the house as Steve wearily doffed his uniform jacket.  Today had been another long day of frustration, very few leads on the missing Chalice.  He felt guilt at the robbery and the lack of progress in recovering the Amazon object.


Great.  Hippolyta already hates me and now her symbol of office is stolen under my watch.


Sighing, he started to unbutton his shirt while heading for the bedroom when the doorbell rang.


He opened the door and smiled. “Angel!”




Diana leaped into his arms. “I’ve missed you!”


Steve laughed. “Me, too, Angel, me, too.”


With her arms around his neck, he carried her into the bedroom.


& & & & & &


“Mmm,” Diana purred as she curled up around her love. “I think I’d better call Medea and let her know I won’t be home tonight.”


Steve handed her the phone, one arm behind his head as he listened to her leave a message.  When she was finished he said, “She won’t like it.”


“I’m sure, but so be it.” Diana returned to curling up around Steve, stroking his chest.  Fresh bruises were on his arms but he ignored them.  After so much time apart he had expected great passion.


A small price to pay for the nirvana I receive with my fiery Angel.


Diana kissed his chest as she snuggled closer, Steve pulling the sheet to their waists as Diana laid her hand on his chest.


& & & & & &


Medea nearly kicked in the back door, striding in and down the hall.  She banged on the closed bedroom door. “Princess!  I must see you!” No answer.  She flung the door open.


She caught a glimpse of Steve naked to the waist and then Diana lifted her head.


“Medea!” Annoyance laced her voice. “Wait out in the kitchen.  I will be out shortly.”






Medea turned and stalked away.


& & & & & &


“Nothing like having an Amazon alarm clock,” Steve said lightly.


“I apologize, my darling.” Diana slipped out of bed.


“Don’t worry about it.” Steve swung his legs off the bed. “I guess you’d better hurry and see what she wants.”


Anger flashed in Diana’s eyes. “She can wait.  Let us shower first.”


& & & & & &



Ten minutes later Steve and Diana were dressing, and as soon as Diana was fully clothed she went out to the living room.  As Steve finished tucking in his shirt he could hear her angry voice.


“Medea, I asked you to observe this society’s customs.  That does not mean barging into a bedroom without permission!”


“Sorry, Princess.” Steve ran a comb through his wet hair.  She definitely did not sound repentant. “I have some interesting information for you on the sacred Chalice.”




Interested, Steve appeared in the living room, glad that Medea didn’t have heat vision, otherwise he would be a pile of ashes on the floor.


Medea turned away from Steve. “James O’Reilly was there the night of the theft.  He was meeting with the sculptor, his former lover.  From what I have gathered, the evidence strongly suggests that he is guilty…”


“Now wait a minute…!”


Steve put a hand on the Amazon’s arm.  Medea swung around and exploded, shoving Steve with such force that he was sent flying into the hall table, his back hitting the sharp corner.


& & & & & &




Diana flew to his side, anxiously grabbing his arm.


Stunned, Steve tried to focus, leaning forward from the table.


“Steve, are you all right?” Diana touched his shoulder. “How is your back?”


“Just a little banged up, Angel.” His voice was strained. “Help me up, please.”


She assisted him to his feet, Steve walking toward Medea with Diana keeping a hand on his arm.


“Medea, I think you’d better leave my home.”


Your home?” she sneered. “I thought you shared this dwelling.” Contempt dripped from her voice.


“Leave, Medea.” Diana’s voice was cold.


Medea’s stare was just as icy. “As you wish, Princess.”


The Amazon stalked out of the house.


“Beloved, let me see your back.”


“It’s all right, Angel.  I…I’m sorry, darling.  She’s an old friend…”


“…who had no right to assault you!” Diana could see the pain in her lover’s eyes. “Steve…”


He took her hands. “You’d better go to her, Angel.  She’s pretty riled up.”


Diana bit her lip. “All right, but I’ll be back.”


She hugged him and quickly went after her fellow Amazon.


& & & & & &


Diana was able to catch up to Medea in mere moments.  Her boot heels clicked on the sidewalk and she lunged forward, grabbing the taller Amazon’s arm and pulling her around. 


“Medea, you had no right to assault Steve.  You could have seriously injured him!  His spine…!”


“He had no right to put his filthy hand on me!” Medea twisted out of Diana’s grasp. “How can you stand it, Diana?”


“Stand what?” Confusion was evident on Diana’s face.


“Him touching you, allowing him inside you…!” Disgust contorted her face. “You do not know what it feels like to be forced to allow a man inside your body, and you seek it out!”


The fury was incandescent, blazing out of Medea like an exploding sun.


“Medea, I know what you suffered…”


“You know nothing!  You know nothing of slavery and degradation and rape, day after day after day without end until you rise up with nothing left to lose.


“And to think I taught you the arts of love!”


Anguish blended with rage.


“I haven’t forgotten.”


“You have!  You use all your skills, what I taught you in love to use with that…that strumpet!”


“Strumpet?  What do you mean?”


“He’s slept with O’Reilly, Hal Jordan, and Goddess-knows-who-else!  He is like a whore plying his wares on an Athens street corner!  Certainly not worthy of you!”


“Medea…” Diana felt the despair curl up around her.  So much hate and misunderstanding! “Beloved friend, why do you begrudge me my heart?  Steve is my breath, my heart, my sunlight.” Diana allowed the love to fill her. “He is my soul.”


Tears glinted in Medea’s eyes and she turned and walked away.


& & & & & &


The pain radiated in waves from his back.  Steve was lucky the corner of the table hadn’t damaged his spine, though it had gouged out a large chunk of flash.  He loosened his shirt and reached around, drawing his hand back…covered in blood.


“Damn,” he said softly.


He went to the bathroom and stripped, stepping into the shower.

He gritted his teeth against the sting of hot water on mutilated flesh.


As the water cascaded down, he looked at the bruises on his arms, a legacy of the night spent with his Beloved.  Since their first time and the shock of her strength, they had learned balance: while she had to restrain her great power, he could love with abandon, carrying her to great heights.  They would soar, like Icarus toward the sun.


Medea’s attack had reminded him of his Angel’s gentleness.  With a single blow she could hurt him, and yet he knew she never would.  Like Superman among humans, she had learned to care for the fragile mortals who surrounded her.


Steve let the water cascade over his body as he closed his eyes and lifted his face.


& & & & & &


Diana found him in the bedroom, sitting on the bed.  Uniform pants on, he was bare-chested and barefoot, hair damp from the shower.




“Hey, Angel.  I’m getting ready to go into the office.”


Diana climbed up onto the bed, wincing as she saw Steve’s back. 


“I’m so sorry, Beloved.” She gently touched his shoulder, her other hand hovering over the gash.


“It’s not your fault.”


“Medea was…”


“…hurt badly, wasn’t she?”


Diana sighed. “Very badly.  As my mother and sisters were.” 


“I’m so sorry, Angel.” Steve pulled her into a tight embrace. “I’m so glad you didn’t have to suffer like that.  I’m so sorry for your mother and sisters.”


“It’s not your fault.” Diana’s heart flooded with love.


“I know, but I’m still sorry.”


They kissed, Diana carding her fingers through his hair.  They touched foreheads after the kiss ended.


“I need to treat your wound.”


“All right.”


“And then you’re going to bed.”


“No.” Steve shook his head. “I can’t take time off while the Chalice is missing.”




“Sorry, Angel.”


Diana sighed. “My stubborn one.”


Steve grinned.


Diana hopped off the bed, got the proper medical supplies, and began cleaning Steve’s wound.  At his hiss of pain, she murmured, “Sorry, love.”


“S’okay.  I did clean it in the shower, you know.”


“You still need disinfecting, and a bandage.  Not something you could do for yourself.”


Diana cleaned the wound as quickly as possible, then bandaged it.  She noticed the fresh bruises purpling on Steve’s back.  Gently her hand caressed the marks.


“Thanks, Angel.” He rose to finish dressing.


“I love you, my darling.”


Steve smiled and drew here into a kiss.


Diana held him tightly.



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