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Destiny (Doomed)

 Smallville "Arctic" (Episode 20) (Season 7) (May 15, 2008)

Okay, Smallville’s finale!


Lana’s gone, which should have been done years ago, but yay! that it’s finally done.  J


More Clark/Lois interaction.  I’m happy for the Clois shippers.  About time, eh?  ;)  The chemistry I see between them is more brother/sister, best buddies, but I know what it’s like to have your ‘ship validated, so it’s all good.  J  In slash, we can only be validated in fanfic or in subtext, but we can get it in places.  ;)


Chloe’s in big trouble!  Life in prison without parole is not a great future!  ;)


Kara’s stuck in the Phantom Zone, but Brainiac’s dead, so that’s something.


Yeah, Jimmy was naïve for thinking that Lex wouldn’t do exactly as he threatened, but he’s learning fast.




Oh, Lex.


You’re insane, you were scared to death by Zod’s possession, you have been twisted and warped by Lionel and his talk of a ‘destiny’ for you…and yet you still care, on some level. 


The Lex I saw was truly sorry that he had to destroy Clark.  Does that excuse him?  Of course not!  But I understand why he thinks its necessary. 


The scene at the Fortress was worth the entire season.  Lex saying that he could have helped Clark become a hero is probably true: if Clark had trusted him or been able to reveal his Secret.  Now, that doesn’t mean that Lex wouldn’t have manipulated Clark through his love/friendship for him to control him.


Or Lex could have truly had the better angel of his nature touched by Clark’s trust and love.


That’s for AU, fix-it, fanfic.


What we do know is that Lex needed that trust badly, and for many reasons, Clark could not give it.  And yet you know he regrets it, too, on some deep level, by the look in his eyes.


And how much did you Clexers out there grin when Lex said, “I love you” even though he added, “like a brother?” ;). Sorry, I am an unrepentant Clexer.  In the SV ‘verse, they are the match (especially since no Bruce has ever been seen in this ‘verse).  The tragedy of SV is their unravelling.  The tragedy is that they could have been so good together and done so much good together, as Lex said.


But, as I’ve said, that’s for fans to fix.


I would be more excited if Michael Rosenbaum was returning next season with all this, but as it is he must wind up with a head injury and memory loss if comics canon is to be preserved.  Pity we can’t get the memory-wiping kiss from Superman II, eh?  ;)


This final scene struck me as star-crossed lovers meeting a tragic end.  Lex, in his insanity, believed that he had to destroy Clark.  He does go ahead with it, but the “I’m sorry” and “I love you” seemed genuine to me.  As part of his ‘destiny’, being destroyed along with Clark seems to fit, but on another level, does Lex want to die with Clark?  Life has been a nightmare in the past three years.  The Lex of the first three seasons has been twisted by insanity, and he knows, somewhere deep down (the Alexander level) that he’s committed heinous acts.  There can be no redemption for him unless he saves mankind, yet he regrets, on some deep level, that he has to destroy Clark to do it.  I did not see virulent hatred, just this sense of "I have to save mankind!" Warped?  Sure, but Lex is insane, yet all the deep feelings dredged up in this scene seemed more regret and unhappiness than hate.  


Lex doesn’t try to flee, doesn’t leave Clark to his fate.  Now maybe next season in the opening episode we will see him trying to do that.  What I recall is Lex placing himself right with Clark as the Fortress falls in on their heads, and they disappear beneath the sea.


I sense a fanfic here!  ;)


But it was a scene that had so many emotions going on: Clark afraid and begging Lex not to destroy him; Lex regretful but feeling he had to do it; ambivalence on Lex’s part and let’s not forget Clark’s look of sadness rather than hate.


With Lex and Lana gone next season, Clark will have to rescue Kara, still have Chloe, Lois, and Jimmy, and I wish we’d see the JLA, but now that the movie’s cancelled, fat chance of that, I suppose.


Now, I see this as terribly romantic and tragic, though I’m sure other people will see it differently.  I never have a problem with that.  I’m not interested in reading other people’s entries and seeing the same opinion without any differences at all, though of course it’s extremely cool when people say, Yes!  Yes!  Exactly! ;)


But it felt like doomed lovers to me, with all the misunderstandings and darkness and insanity finally breaking the both of them.


And, yes, I know Clark will emerge triumphant and somehow Lex will survive, but if you took this as an end to Smallville, it seems fitting in a sad way: that the friendship that would be the stuff of legends ended as tragic legend.          

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