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The Muses Are *Hot*, Baby!

Well, it's been quite a week! After a week of *not* posting either fic or ramblings, the Muses nudged me (quite a bit, actually) and demanded I write at a white-hot pace! So that's why you got "Castle In The Clouds I: The Heir" every day for six days, and "Yellow Rose (The Morning After) on the sixth day. Maybe on the seventh day, I'll rest. ;)

Since I love to talk about writing, here I go! :) I looked over my Plot Bunny list and was pleased to see that several of them are in various stages. A few ideas might be shelved, but so far all seem viable. Since I love variety, there seem to be equal parts of Clark/Bruce and Bruce/Dick, and I still intend to write more Clark/Dick, too. There's so much to contemplate! I'm enjoying letting the Muses take me where they will.

Right now I'm working steadily on "Rainbow's Freedom" (long S/B series) and letting ideas simmer for a new installment of the S/B "Announcement" series. "The House Of El" is another backburner idea, but simmering makes the sauce rich and flavorful! :) "Epicurean Indulgences" has hit a bump (Muse is quiet on that one right now) but it's not shelved. There's also an untitled, uncertain-where-it's-going piece that could be shelved but I may revisit it to see if the Muses will kick in again. Oh, and more simmering: a piece that incorporates Pagan elements in it that is a sequel to a story that I read, and in which the author graciously granted me permission to continue.

For the Bat and his little bird, I have two parts of a four-part series, "Destiny" written, and that Muse is quiet right now, too. It'll come, it'll come. :) I'm interested in a new installment of "Castle In The Clouds" (the boys came out to the civilian community, but how will the superhero community react?), and there's positively sorrowful ideas for a continuation of "Twist Of Fate". I really have to be in the mood for writing that one! I need some hankies. *sniff* I also have a very dark drabble that may or may not see the light of day, and hopefully a humorous one that will showcase Dick being a tease, the brat. :)

And, finally, my ongoing WILD WILD WEST piece for the zine SIN & SALVATION is slowly moving forward. Good thing I have 'til Labor Day for that one! :)

I always like to take stock, so to speak, on occasion. It helps me rummage around the Bunny drawer and sort through everything. My Bunnies include long series, ongoing series, drama, humor, angst, and romance. With sex! :) Aah, my writing muscles are feeling all nice and stretched!

Now watch me hit the wall after all this! LOL! But I've done my sorting, like the Sorting Hat, and will see what's on my flist now. Top o' the day to ye!
Tags: fanfic, slash, writing
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