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And, Lo, There Shall Be The Savior (Traveler)!

Smallville "Quest" (Episode 19) (Season 7) (May 8, 2008)

So, “Quest” brings us both Clark and Lex carved up like Thanksgiving turkeys. The storyline was kinda cheesy with its human sacrifice scene, but I did like the religious undertones, though using a cross to save Clark? And that picture of Jesus while Chloe goes to save him?

Why wouldn’t Superman someday be worshipped by humans? There is bound to be those who will come together as a ‘church’ because Superman’s powers are god-like, and when humans cry out in entreaty to be saved from crime or natural disaster, who answers them but Superman?

Edward Teague was the typical fanatic: devoting his life to the Traveler but in the end, deciding that he had to destroy him.

My slashy mind liked the intertwining of the Good and Evil symbols from the caves. ;)

I do think that Clark’s refusal to kill Lex is because he doesn’t want to become him, but I wonder if a small part of him can’t do it because of the past. Would Lex have any hesitation in destroying Clark? Chloe doesn’t think so. She’s probably right, but it would be a nice shading if Lex hesitated even for an instant if he ever got the chance.

And we also saw more of why Lex is so obsessed with this Secret: he felt that it took his father’s love away from him and reduced him to an afterthought.

I did like the reference to little Alexander and his Warrior Angel action figures.  That kid is so sweet!  Lionel really helped warp Lex into what he is today, didn't he?

I did notice in the previews for next week that Lex is saying to Clark that he would have helped him become a hero. I can’t help but think that’s the tragedy of the Clex: that they could have been so much, had so much, if they could have gotten past the secrets, lies, and deceptions, all for reasons gone over many times, but still facts in their relationship. If Lex had accidentally discovered the truth or Clark had taken a huge risk and told him the truth, it could have been different, though there are no guarantees. We’ll never know in canon, but we can know, for good or for bad, in fanfic.

And Teague was right about one thing: if the ability to control Clark falls into the wrong hands, the world is doomed. Mind control of the most powerful being on the planet? We’ve seen that happen in the comics and it’s not pretty.

We know Lex’s appetite for power, how far he’s traveled down the dark path, but how would he react to knowing that Clark was the Traveler? Anger, contempt, a desire to control and wreak vengeance? Sadness at the lack of trust?

The premise of all this Traveler stuff is interesting, but whatever happened to the simple story of a baby arriving from Krypton and growing up on a farm and then launching his career without constantly being reminded of his Destiny or being controlled by Jor-El? It’s like they’re cramming all the things that should happen to Clark after he dons the cape into the early years of Smallville.

I really need to write a sequel to Champagne And Apple Cider. I want to see Clark and Lex working together instead of eternal adversaries.  :)

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