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Fic: Castle In The Clouds I: The Heir (6/6)

Title: Castle In The Clouds I: The Heir (6/6)
Pairings/Characters: Bruce/Dick
Rating (this chapter): NC-17
Warnings: None
Spoilers: None
Summary: Robin is the heir to the mantle of the Bat, but Dick is also the heir to the 
Wayne legacy.
Disclaimer: I don’t own ‘em, DC does, more’s the pity.
Date Of Completion: February 26, 2007
Date Of Posting: February 28, 2007

Word Count: 660






…and felt a happiness that was pure joy.  The dancing and the food and the glitter had all sparkled together like jewels as the stars had shone down through the glass.


Dick didn’t really remember much more of the evening except his happiness.  And when he and Bruce returned home to the Manor in the wee hours of the morning, Dick hummed and danced his way across the polished foyer floor, laughing as Bruce grabbed him and pulled him into a kiss.


When they broke apart, Bruce said, “Okay, Cinderella, it’s past midnight and you’re home from the ball.”


“As long as you don’t try and put a glass slipper on me, I’m good.”


Bruce kissed him again, muttering, “Brat,” while urging Dick up the stairs.  Dick was more than willing to oblige, his body charged with energy. 


“I could have danced ‘til dawn!”


“I’ve got to get Alfred to stop feeding you sugar.”


Dick snickered as he danced gracefully down the hall, blue eyes sparkling.  He reached their bedroom first and slipped inside, Bruce right behind him.  The older man unraveled his tie and began removing his jacket, then he moved like lightning and caught Dick, flipping him to the bed.  Dick bounced and laughed, kicking off his shoes and wrapping his arms around Bruce as he fell on top of him.  Kisses and passion and then clothes were starting to come off, expensive pants, shirts and jackets flying to the floor.


“Wait,” Dick panted as Bruce started unbuttoning his shirt.  As clumsy as he had been before the Ball, he now deftly removed his cufflinks and slid off the bed, carefully placing them in the box on the dresser.  He turned back and saw Bruce’s face.  He kneeled on the bed, kissing Bruce gently.


The passion rose up again, Dick allowing himself to feel his happiness in every part of his body and soul. 


Tonight  is what I want, what I have wanted for a very long time.  


He licked Bruce’s throat, his legs wrapping around Bruce’s as he rubbed his face against his lover’s chest, then looked up with a smile.  Bruce’s eyes glowed with his own happiness, his hands cupping Dick’s face and then his mouth plundering Dick’s, one hand moving down to cup his companion’s buttock, squeezing lightly as he moaned.  Dick broke their kiss and teased Bruce’s nipples with his tongue, sliding down to navel, then groin, inhaling the aroused scent and licking the swelling cock that tasted so good.  He nibbled and licked and he scrabbled around for the cream in the nightstand, thrusting it at Bruce.


“Get me ready,” he rasped, and Bruce obeyed, coating his fingers with the cream and Dick crawled up the bed, hissing as Bruce slipped his fingers inside him, stretching and preparing.  The jar fell to the carpet, unheeded, as Dick positioned himself and slid down slowly, carefully, onto Bruce’s erect cock.


Bruce was hot and hard and filled Dick with fire.  Strong legs enabled him to pump up and down, sweat sheening his naked body, Bruce’s hands grasping his hips, the other man’s hips thrusting upwards just enough to help Dick out. 


Filled, fired up…loved.


It didn’t take long for Dick to come, spraying over Bruce’s belly while he felt Bruce come deep inside him.  He groaned and slid off his lover’s softening cock, crawling up to lick him clean.


“Mmm, I don’t know if Cinderella ever did Prince Charming like this,” Bruce teased.


“She probably didn’t, but I just did the Prince of Gotham.”


Bruce laughed and hugged Dick close, beginning to kiss his companion again.


Dick wasn’t going to think about any backlash they might face.  Not tonight.  He’d think about it tomorrow.


Oh, brother!  Good thing I’m secure in my masculinity, being compared to Cinderella and now thinking like Scarlett O’Hara.


Oh, well, he thought as he enthusiastically returned Bruce’s kisses, maybe we’ll live happily ever after, after all. 




Tags: batman/robin, bruce wayne/dick grayson, castle in the clouds
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