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A World Without Clark Kent

Smallville "Apocalypse" (Episode 18) (Season 7) (May 1, 2008)

I enjoyed this episode very much.  I wasn’t surprised that Clark decided it would be best for everyone if he had never existed, and for awhile, it looked like he was right.  Certainly Chloe and Lana seemed happier.  Unfortunately, nuclear war would cancel that all out.


Jonathan and Martha seem happy, too.  Again, the war would cancel that out, but Jonathan was alive here, and not sacrificed for Lana!  Urgh!


Poor Kara!  I can’t imagine what it was like to grow up in the Luthor family.  She was loyal to Lex nearly to the end.


Lex?  Well, if anyone had doubts that he’s insane, this story shows it beyond doubt.  You don’t order a nuclear strike without provocation and then think you’re going to start things over if you’re not a few cards short of a deck.


Brainiac might have influenced him, but insanity knows no logic, anyway.


Lex was like an automaton, never even hearing Clark’s pleas.  Now, he could very well be the same in ‘our’ timestream’, but he had no connection with Clark here whatsoever.  And back in ‘our’ time, he was there in the loft, ostensibly for Lana, but was he reaching out yet again?


Of course Clark can’t tell him anything now, after all Lex has done, but it’s an interesting scene, nevertheless.


Lois dressing Clark was kind of cute. 


I loved seeing Clark in glasses!  Pity it was such a short scene.


It’s sad that this AU seems determined to keep the element of Superman away: the glasses, the costume, even a romantic relationship between Lois and Clark instead of the good buddies vibe I get.  I’m a devoted Clark/Bruce fan, but I know that in the mainstream that isn’t going to happen, so it’s irksome that the canon hetness is ignored.  Hmm, now non-slashers know how we feel!  :)


I know this is early in Superman’s career, but this AU is very frustrating! 


Oh, and who was surprised by Kara bringing Brainiac with her?  Any hands up?  ;)


I do like Clark and Kara interactions.  Their status as relatives is enhanced by their loss of family and world, but they genuinely love each other. 


Though, I must admit, when Kara was talking about standing by Clark, I was thinking, “Hmm, isn’t that what Brainiac kept saying to Lex in that other time?” :)


Baby Clark was an absolute doll!  I loved his adult self handling him so carefully and giving him a smile even in such dire circumstances.


Good to see Clark interacting with Jimmy, too.  After all, it’s Lois and Jimmy who are his future colleagues, not Chloe, though if any of this AU made it into mainstream comics, I’d vote for Chloe.


But I don’t like the comics taking the ‘meteor freak’ thing and bringing that into the mainstream.  The charm of comics Smallville has always been its normalcy, and Clark growing up there and learning about humans and the social interactions he needs to function.  The BEM of the week is okay for the SV AU, but not for the main ‘verse!


Two more episodes to go!


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