bradygirl_12 (bradygirl_12) wrote,

Merry Beltane! :)

A Merry Beltane to all! It's May Day, and it's absolutely gorgeous out! In fact, I might not be on very much at all today, and might have to post my review of Smallville's "Apocalypse" tomorrow. I'll see. :)

I am looking forward to tonight's episode very much as like-minded folk have given it their recommendation. Can't wait! :)

But today? Today is the apple blossoms blooming white against a clear blue sky, the thin contrail of an airplane up, up, and away creating wispy ribbons. The smell of those blossoms is heavenly.

The light is that special April light you get: something that artists pine for and try to capture.

I am in a creative mood right now, so expect quite a bit of fic in the next week or so if all goes well.

Celebrate the day by eating fresh, succulent fruit or food rich in flavor.

And if you have any sexy bunnies, today's the day to write 'em and post! ;)
Tags: beltane, holiday
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