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Update On Fic! :)

Well, I guess it’s time for a ficcish update, hmm? :)

Well, Rainbow’s Freedom is always on-going. I usually manage to write at least a page a day in my notebook. When I leave for the con I’ll be taking a slimmer notebook and work on other projects and give myself some time off from RF, which usually helps the Muses. :)

My other current long project, Jewels Of The Crown I: Hera’s Chalice is coming along nicely, with four of the twelve chapters currently posted. I discovered that this Steve/Diana fic was perfect to include a few DC guest stars and some original characters. So far the slinky Cat has made an appearance. And I love Medea! :)

I am currently writing my final claim for greeneyelove’s OTP Challenge, pleased that after floundering as to what to write about, a plot bunny finally nipped! ;) It’s Clark/Bruce and quite fluffy, per request! :)

I may take a stab at her Threesome Challenge as well, if I can come up with something good. :)

I also have two LJ anniversary requests from jen_in_japan and saavikam77, both of which do have plot bunnies, I’m happy to say! :)

I’m been gathering nominations to send to Sasha for the WFA 2007, and am very pleased that several stories of mine have already been nominated by others. Thank you! :)

I’m also letting ideas simmer for tmelange’s A Superman/Batman BIG ASS Contest, which promises to be great fun! I’m hoping I can make it by the deadline. Only 31 days! Yikes!
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