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Olsen...James Olsen (Shaken, Not Stirred)

Smallville "Sleeper" (Episode 17) (Season 7) (April 24, 2008) 

I know, people are going to say that the episode was a sleeper!  J


Well, I happen to be one of the few people who likes Jimmy, and I like him with Chloe.  They have chemistry together, and you can tell they love each other despite the lies and misunderstandings.  I have hope for these two kids!  J


I have a thing for supporting characters who aren’t as bright or beautiful or suave as the stars, who fumble and mess up and are often ignored or ridiculed, so I have a fondness for Jimmy, who is earnest and has a good heart. 


The spying?  He did it to help Chloe, even though at first blush it doesn’t look that way.  Agent Webber coerced him, and yet he helped save the day.  Chloe certainly needed the help!


Jimmy looks great in a tux, and he and Chloe are wonderful dancers together! J


Odd, though, that they have Jimmy owing Lex a favor now.  Isn’t Lex going to be written out of the show due to MR leaving?  Why put him in Lex’s debt, though I suppose Lex could ask for it from wherever he ends up off-screen.


And it was almost anti-climactic when Lex opened the box in Zurich. 


The whole Traveler thing bugs me.  I like the idea of Kal-El coming to Earth at the last minute, randomly ending up in the Kents’ hands, and growing up safe and happy while he is groomed through love and a sense of duty to don the cape, not through coercion by Jor-El or any of his friends declaring that the world needs a hero.  Easy for them to say!  They won’t be the ones taking on the crushing responsibility, will they?  Only Ollie has the right to jab, since he’s given up quite a bit to be a superhero already.


Still, being Superman is far different from being Green Arrow.  You might be invulnerable and able to change the course of mighty rivers and bend steel in your bare hands, but you are also responsible during every waking moment for what’s going on in the world.  Pretty heavy stuff.


I like the idea of seeing the world without Clark Kent, though it doesn’t look as if we’ll get to see Krypton in the past, at least not from the previews I saw. 


Wouldn’t it be a weird twist if Lex had turned out to be good without Clark around?  ;)  Because you can’t say, well, he’s bad without him, because he’s bad with him!  But Lex as the Prez is no doubt not wearing angel wings.  ;)


Is next week’s episode the finale with a title like “Apocalypse”?  I know we’re getting a shortened season due to the writers’ strike.



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