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Well, I was working on a new entry that's going to house all the parts of a new series I'm still writing and I stupidly forgot to edit the date so it wouldn't show up on my flist! So apologies to anyone who saw it (sorry, quirky!) and clicked on to find, well, nothing right now. :) What a dumb bunny I am! *blushes in embarrassment* Again, my apologies! I fixed the date so it won't bother anyone right now.

Hopefully I can make up for my mistake by starting to post the series soon (a looong Clark/Bruce series with lots of Important Themes but lighter moments, too, oh, yeah, and sex! ;) ). I've got ten chapters written in the first arc and still have more to go, but it needs revision, and I'd like to get it all written out in that first arc before I start posting so it'll read, for example, like this: 1/10 instead of 1/?. :) The second and third arcs are plotted out to some degree so I've got a bit of a headstart on them. Once I fixed some plot points I wrote about in my entry about writing being a b**ch, I was able to zoom ahead! It's *not* the "House of El" series I *do* plan to write, but I have to go where the Muse leads me right now!

Sigh. I wish I could say it would never happen again, but it probably will at some point! LOL! Once a ditz, always a ditz, I guess. Pay no attention to that dumb bunny behind the curtain.
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