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Abandon Hope, All Ye Who Enter Here

Smallville "Descent" (Episode 16) (Season 7) (April 17, 2008)

Lex has completely descended into hell. 

He kills Lionel (no tears shed there, but it’s cold-blooded murder), kills Alexander (a frightening, disturbing scene) and lashes out at Clark, accusing him of killing Jonathan.


Wow, this episode depressed the hell out of me.


There’s nothing left.  Lex had a chance with Alexander still in him, but is the good part of him gone for good?  Or is he just insane? 


Chloe said that evil is the absence of love.  Did Lionel and Lillian ever love Lex?  We’ve seen a good child desperate for love grow up into a conflicted young man who came to Smallville, and now has become a monster.


What happened to the Lex who was Clark’s best friend?  If he was so monstrous, could he have fooled Clark and us in the early years?  He’s chosen a dark path, but was that dark path chosen for him?


By that I mean insanity, not because of what Clark did or didn’t do. 


The tragedy of all this is that there was a chance with Lex, but he needed Clark’s trust, and Clark couldn’t give it.  Clark’s Secret is so enormous, so fraught with danger, that he couldn’t bring himself to trust Lex back in the days when their friendship was strong, and who could blame him?  A Superman controlled by someone without the best interests of mankind at heart is a scary thought indeed!  Back then, Lionel was the real threat despite all this Veritas stuff coming up now.


Smallville is a litany of missed chances, opportunities and wrong choices.  Lex blames others, but there’s a shred of truth in some of what he says: if he was raised with a complete absence of love, his parents deserve some of the blame for what he’s become.  Depriving a child of love can wreak psychological havoc.  The foundation was already unsteady when he met Clark, and Clark’s Secret had to be protected at all costs.


This does not mean I’m blaming Clark or a legion of people for Lex’s behavior!  As I’ve mentioned, I think he’s a candidate for Belle Reve.  However, that doesn’t mean his actions aren’t going to hurt a great many people and of course he must be stopped.  The insane have to be stopped as much as the evil, because often they go hand-in-hand.


The graveyard scene was chilling.  We know that Alexander’s gone.  Does Clark suspect that the child he promised to watch for is gone now?  Does he only see what we see, a Lex who has descended into hell whether through evil or madness?  A man very dangerous?


If Lex finds the means to control Clark, he’ll use it without mercy.


Who killed Gina?  Someone still protecting the secret of Veritas?


Smallville is a very dark AU/Elseworlds.  I can no longer believe that the Superman that rises from the ashes of this world will be the symbol of hope and optimism.  He’s going to be too battered and weary at the start in this particular universe.


The Luthor castle looks as sinister as its owner now.


Lionel killed his parents, killed Oliver’s parents, killed everyone connected to Veritas.


Like father, like son.



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