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Jewels In The Crown I: Hera's Chalice (1/12)

Title: Jewels In The Crown I: Hera’s Chalice (1/12)
Author: BradyGirl
Pairings/Characters (this chapter): Steve/Diana, Medea
Genres: Romance, Drama, A Touch Of Mystery
Rating (this chapter): PG-13
Warnings: None
Spoilers: None
General Summary: When Queen Hippolyta sends a precious Amazon artifact to America with an Amazon guard, both cause Diana and Steve no end of trouble.
Chapter Summary: Diana and Steve receive an unexpected early-morning visitor.
Date Of Completion: March 4, 2008
Date Of Posting: April 16, 2008
Disclaimer: I don’t own ‘em, DC does, more’s the pity.
Word Count: 1651
Feedback welcome and appreciated.
Author's Notes: Dedicated to our hardy band of Steve/Diana fans! :)
Special thanks to jen_in_japan  , whose enthusiasm for this project kept me going with a smile on my face. :) 
All chapters can be found here.





Close to thy heart,

Always keep thy treasure,

Close to thy body,

Always keep thy pleasure.



“Laurel Leaves

And Other

 Amazonian Poems”

326 B.C.E.


Diana slowly awoke, smiling as she felt Steve’s warm body next to her.  She opened her eyes, drinking in the sight of her lover.


Sunlight kissed his blond hair, creating a nimbus that framed a perfect face.  She ran a finger lightly down his ribs, admiring his bare chest.


“Mmm,” he murmured.


“Sleep awhile longer, Beloved.”


Steve smiled and turned over, burrowing under the covers.  Diana kissed his shoulder, then slid out of bed.


She heard a noise and shrugged into a white, fluffy robe and slippers.  Cautiously she went out into the hall, listening.


There, again.


Diana glanced back at the bedroom.  No need to wake Steve.  She could take care of any intruder.


She stepped into the living room, her gaze directed to the kitchen.




“Hello, Princess.”


The tall Amazon smiled, her chestnut hair wild and gloriously long, cascading over a light-blue, filmy shirt that was unbuttoned, showing light, golden chainmail armor.  She wore a short blue skirt, and gold laced-up sandals to the knees.  Her bracelets glinted in the sun.


Diana smiled. “Glad to see you, but why are you here?”


Medea came out from behind the counter. “Your mother sent me.  With this.”


She hefted a canvas bag up onto the counter and reached inside, drawing out a golden chalice encrusted with jewels of every color of the rainbow.


“Hera’s Chalice,” Diana said reverently.


“The same.” Medea set the cup onto the counter, the sunlight setting it afire as the jewels sparkled brightly.


Diana lightly touched the Chalice. “It’s so beautiful.”


“Let us hope the people here appreciate it one-tenth of its true worth.” Medea placed it back in the bag.


“We can explain its significance, but it’s not Americans’ fault if it doesn’t resonate with them.”


Medea’s brown eyes sparked with a touch of anger. “I wonder why the Queen has sent something so valuable to people who cannot appreciate it.”


“It’s a preview of the full show next fall.  Also, it will help the network of Hera’s Havens, women’s shelters here in America.”


“Ah, yes, the women’s shelters.” Medea’s voice was cold. “Where the women here seek shelter from battering men.”


Diana started the coffee. “Mother’s clever.  She piques interest in Amazon culture without encouraging its exploitation.”


Medea snorted. “American culture lives to exploit.”


Diana grinned. “True, but there are relics of their own they revere.”


“Such as?” Medea asked as she took a seat in the small dining room off the kitchen.


“Oh, the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution, anything that belonged to Abraham Lincoln, the Liberty Bell…all impressive artifacts.”


Diana noticed another bag behind the counter.


“Change of armor.” Medea grinned.


No doubt with sword and shield.


Diana poured the coffee when it was ready and chatted with Medea, catching up on news from home.


“Angel, have you…?  Oh, I’m sorry.   I didn’t know you had company.”


Steve went from half-asleep to fully-alert and pulled his cobalt-blue robe a little tighter around himself as he ran his hand through blond hair.


Diana smiled at the sleep-mussed appearance of her lover, proud of such beauty fresh from her bed.


“Medea, this is Steve Trevor.  Steve, this is Medea.”


He smiled and nodded. “Hello, Medea.” She inclined her head fractionally. “Well, as it’s my turn to cook breakfast…”


“…that’s right, my love…”


“…what would you ladies like?  Eggs, pancakes, waffles?”


Medea said to Diana, “Eggs sound good.”


Diana said, “Eggs for me, too.”


“Coming right up.  How do you like them, Medea?”


Medea sipped her coffee and Diana answered, “Omelet, dear.  I’ll have the same.”


“Green peppers okay?”




“Medea?” Steve cracked the eggs into the frying pan.  He looked inquisitively at his guest.


Medea negligently waved her hand, silver bracelet sparkling. “Fine.”


Diana set her coffee cup down. “So, now we can check out the security at the Museum of Fine Arts after breakfast.  Steve, will you be joining us?”


“I have a meeting at MIT, but I’ll be along right after.  Jamie O’Reilly is a good man and will take care of you at the museum.”


Diana heard Medea mutter under her breath but couldn’t catch the words.  She was admiring Steve’s legs, his robe ending just above his knees.  Pride swelled in her and she smiled.  Showing off her lover was something she admitted to herself that she enjoyed.


Glancing at Medea, she realized such a feeling was wasted.  Her fellow Amazon had no use for men, beautiful or otherwise.  She was drinking her coffee and not deigning to look at Steve.


Well, Diana could appreciate a beautiful man as well as a woman.  She allowed herself to look, then returned her attention to Medea.


“I hope we will find the security to be at least close to adequate.” Medea sipped her coffee.


“Oh, I’m sure it will be.  Steve is our liaison officer, and he knows Mr. O’Reilly well.  We’ll have more than adequate security.”


Steve brought over the omelets, going back for his own.  He poured orange juice and sat down as the Amazons discussed news from home again.


Steve remained quiet as the women talked, absorbing information about Diana’s home.  Diana was pleased but kept her attention on Medea, whose gregarious personality was always amusing.


“Seela and Cleo promptly fell off the roof and into the mud!”


Diana laughed and Steve grinned.


“Mudwrestling is big here in the States.  Right, honey?” Diana asked with a wink. 


Steve laughed. “Right, darling.” He flashed a smile at Medea. “I didn’t know Amazons were into mud sports.”


Medea replied coolly, “I rather doubt it is the same thing, Major.”


“Oh, we’re just joking, Medea.” Diana smiled.


“You sound very American, Diana.”


“Why, thank you.”


Medea’s eyebrow rose. “It was not meant as a compliment, Princess.”




Steve reached for his glass, his sleeve pulling back and revealing a bruise on the underside of his arm.  Diana blushed slightly.   Despite her best efforts, passionate lovemaking left bruises on her Beloved’s fair skin.  Not only did he not mind, he always reassured her, “It’s a badge of honor, Angel.”


Steve rose from the table, taking his plate and Diana’s.  Diana finished her juice and started to clear the table when Medea finished her omelet.


Diana helped Steve wash the dishes, then she said to her friend, “I’ll be out in ten minutes.”


Medea nodded and went out on the deck.


In the bathroom Diana and Steve shared a quick shower, the Amazon hugging her lover as the water cascaded down.


“Pity we can’t do more than shower,” she pouted.


Steve laughed, cupping her face. “Maybe tonight,” he winked.


Diana exited the shower first, brushed her teeth, and went out to the bedroom.  She toweled her hair dry, Steve emerging from the bathroom.


Steve’s skin was sparkling as the sun touched the remaining droplets from the shower.  Damp, blond hair was threaded with diamonds, and Diana’s heart beat faster.


 “You are beautiful.”


Steve looked at her and smiled. “I can say the same, Angel.” His eyes admiringly ran down her body.


Tingling with pleasure, she took out a fresh pair of panties from the bureau drawer and tossed a pair of briefs to Steve, who grabbed them and took the old pair that had been tossed beside the bed last night, stuffing them in the hamper along with an old pair of jeans.  Steve pulled on the fresh briefs, then his uniform pants while Diana pulled on her costume.


Steve was just zipping up his pants while Diana adjusted her belt and the bedroom door opened.  Steve lost his balance and sat down abruptly on the bed in surprise while Diana looked up.


“Medea!  What is it?”


“Just wanted to ask if you were ready.” Medea had changed into full ceremonial armor.


“Almost.  I’ll be right out.”


Medea nodded and left, saying, “It is against custom to hide behind closed doors.”


“Well, good thing I had my pants on,” Steve said as he pulled on his socks and stood up.


“I am sorry, love.  Medea is accustomed to Island etiquette.”


“So you enter bedrooms without knocking?”


“Pretty much.”


“Oh.” Steve grinned. “That should be interesting, at least!”


Diana threw his shirt at him as he laughed.


She finished affixing her Lasso to her belt and walked over to him as he slipped his shirt on.  She stopped him from buttoning it and put her hand on his bare chest, the Medal of Athena she had gifted him with glinting in the morning sunlight around his neck.  He looked down at her with a smile playing around his lips.


“I shall see you later at the museum,” Diana said.


“I look forward to it.”


They kissed gently, then parted with promise in their eyes.


Diana went out to the living room, putting her tiara in her hair.  Medea was leaning against the kitchen counter.


“Medea, this is not the Island.  People here knock on a bedroom door before entering.”


“Really?  How amusingly modest.”


“Admittedly this society can be rather prudish, but privacy is more the issue here.”


“Is your golden boy afraid of letting me see him unclothed?”


“My dear, my Golden One unadorned is nothing to be ashamed of, but I would appreciate it if you would knock next time.”


Medea smirked. “Very well, Princess.”


Steve emerged from the bedroom, his wavy hair combed severely.  Diana knew that it would be wavy again by lunchtime.  With a smile she said, “See you at the museum.”


“Right. See you then, love. ‘Bye, Medea.”


Steve picked up his briefcase and put his cap on, hurrying out the door.


Diana smiled at her friend. “We had better get going, too.”


Medea picked up the canvas bag and they left the house, stepping out into the fresh morning air.









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