November 18th, 2019

roy--johnny (ready for battle 2)

Sad Day

In Central Massachusetts, the city of Worcester is saying goodbye to Lieutenant Jason Menard, a firefighter who saved other firefighters after they became trapped in a burning house, but he couldn't save himself. :(

The funeral is at 11:00. Last night the calling hours drew hundreds, many of them firefighters from all over the country.

Jason Menard's family went to bed the night of December 13, 2019, looking forward to starting a vacation in Disneyland the next morning. Instead, they got the news that they lost a father and husband.

He is the ninth firefighter that the city has lost in twenty years, starting with the Worcester Six and the horrific Worcester Cold Storage Warehouse fire on December 3, 1999, and other losses in 2011 and 2018.

Today is bleak weather. Sometimes I think November is the saddest month of all.

Bless our first responders.

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