January 8th, 2008

batgirl (happy halloween)

"Medium" Returns

I love Medium back on the TV schedule! If you like a show with unusual, original scripts, clever acting, and a touch of the mystical, this might be the show for you! It's on NBC on Monday nights at 10:00.

Patricia Arquette stars as the mother of three girls who had a part-time job with the D.A.'s office (things have changed this season), happily married to husband Joe. She dreams visions that help the police, and now, probably a private detective as her old boss is thinking of opening up an agency after being ousted from the D.A.'s office for using a psychic!

The middle daughter, Bridget, is a riot! :)
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Oh, for cryin' out loud! I was letting ideas drift around in my head for a birthday fic I want to write and it was hurt/comfort, turned all uber-dark on me, and ended up a deathfic! *scratches out idea and puts it aside for later*

Now, there are some people on my flist who enjoy deathfics, but somehow saying "Happy Birthday!" and, oh, by the way, I killed off one of your favorite characters doesn't quite cut the birthday cake. ;)

So, I'll have to come up with a new idea! Hopefully with the same characters.

Life is weird, and so are my Muses! :)