December 31st, 2007

chocolate heart

Final Extension For The 2007 (Now 2008) DCU Fic/Art Chocolate Challenge

Well, not sure if DCU fans aren't fond of chocolate or were just too busy with holiday challenges, so I'm going to extend the deadline for the Chocolate Challenge for the final time. New date is February 14, 2008 ;) and you'll find all the details here.

*goes off to work on her new 2008 Challenges that are coming soon!*
batgirl (happy halloween)

Happy New Year!

Whew, what a year! Less said about the RL part of it, the better, so on to the fannish! :)

I'd like to not only tie up the old but try the new this year. I thought, sometimes our work is so ephemeral here on the Internet, posting and getting our comments and replying, and then moving on to the next thing. So, I decided to add a new little feature to my LJ in the Links List to the left: a BradyGirl Classic Fic Of The Month! Not sure how 'classic' each one is, but it might be nice to revisit old favorites. ;) The first one for the month of January is Beautiful Diamond with all its snow and ice and oh-so-nice! :) It's a Clark/Bruce fic.

I plan to alternate different pairings with each month (and may decide to feature a new fic every two weeks since I have so many from 2007) and so you'll be seeing Bruce/Dick, Clark/Dick, Steve/Diana, etc., featured from time-to-time.

I'm busy working on my Challenges and hope to post them either tonight or tomorrow. I enjoy thinking up the new Challenges and hope people enjoy working on them! :)

A happy, safe, and healthy New Year to all! :)