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2008 Wonder Woman Love Fic/Art Calendar Challenge (April)

Time for the new month's prompt for the Challenge over on wonderwomanlove!

As April showers have been drumming on my roof today, I came up with the prompt, 'rain'. ;) Could be sad or cozy or whatever you want!

The 'official' dates for posting are from the 1st of the month to the end, but if you have fic or art that is completed after the deadline, go ahead and post! Only a month to conceive of, write/draw, and post a fic/artwork can be pretty short, so consider the deadlines just to help you focus! ;)

The rules are simple:

A one-word (or possibly two or three) prompt will be issued and requesting fiction, art, icons, and manips to be posted on your journal and linked here (and you can post here at the comm if you prefer that).

Tag the entry with 'challenge', the month, and the prompt in addition to any other necessary tags.

Using the usual header:

Genres can range from happy to drama to comedy to hurt/comfort and so on...

Femslash, het, and gen welcome.

Any rating!

Any length fic-wise, from drabbles to novels! ;)

As always, Wonder Woman is the focus as we attempt to generate some new creativity for the New Year! :)

2008 April Prompt: Rain

Runs: April 1-30, 2008
Tags: challenge, wonder woman, wonderwomanlove
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