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Dark Victory (Part 1)

Legion Of Super Heroes (March 29, 2008) 

This first of two parts ("Dark Victory") was a good, dramatic look at Brainiac’s conversion to evil. Clark doesn’t want to believe that it’s happening, but after uncharacteristic behavior of Brainy’s during a simulated battle test, he takes Kell-El’s advice and keeps a close eye on his friend.

Brainy soon reveals his true colors, defeating the Dominators that Imperiex has sent and confronting Clark, whom he calls by that name and pleads for help, because he doesn’t want to be like his ancestor and can’t stop it!  That moment’s hesitation by Clark dooms him, and Brainiac sends him reeling and puts a Kryptonite ring around his head to keep him out of action.


Clark is grievously hurt by the Kryptonite and is saved by Legionnaires, but they can’t save him or Brainiac, who destroys Imperiex and declares that the galaxy will finally have order out of chaos…through him.


Chilling episode.  For a moment you think, okay, maybe this is some pre-arranged plan by Brainy and Clark to fool Imperiex, but then Brainiac destroys Imperiex and Clark eventually dies from the Kryptonite poisoning.  And there still could be safeguards in all of this, or it could be exactly what it is: Brainiac has finally succumbed to his dark ancestor’s programming.


As for Clark, there’ll be a way to bring him back, but will there be a way to bring Brainy back?


Looking forward to next week’s episode!  

Tags: animated series, legion of super heroes, review, superman
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