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Can They Break Clark's Heart Any More?

Smallville "Veritas" (Episode 15) (Season 7) (March 27, 2008)

I’ve long considered Smallville to be an AU, and it’s one that sinking deeper and deeper into darkness. How is the Clark of this ‘verse going to get past the pain and losses he’s suffered already to be the symbol of hope as Superman? 

Two things that disturbed me about Lana’s condition: her suffering, and the fact that with the obsession this show has with her, she’ll be back!  I don’t like the idea of her in pain.  Why couldn’t they just slip her into catatonia?  Yeesh.

One light note: Lionel calling Lois and Jimmy 'The Dynamic Duo'.  Makes you wonder...  ;)

Lionel’s breakdown is being masterfully played by John Glover.  How appropriate that he is as Chloe says: the man who cried wolf once too often.


And we see him genuinely afraid for Clark.  I also liked Clark’s line about Lionel already having destroyed one son, and that Lex hates Lionel as much as Clark does now.  I liked Clark saying that he should have listened to Jonathan.  A lot of people are contemptuous of Jonathan, but tell me, how would you have kept Clark’s Secret?  Jonathan knew Lionel’s treachery and knew Clark would be in mortal danger if his Secret was known.  Maybe he and Martha weren’t right all the time, but I think they raised Clark just fine and protected him the best they could.


How fitting that now that Lionel is trying to protect Clark, he’s rejected by him?  


I’d like to see Ollie find out that his parents were killed by Lionel.  There was never any indication that Ollie considered his parents’ deaths to be murder.  They were in a plane crash and that’s what he knew all these years.


But maybe Lex will take care of Lionel for Ollie.  The previews for next week indicate Lex will finally confront his father once and for all.


And, the only way I’m buying this ultra-evil Lex is to pretty much consider him insane.  The man I saw in the early seasons of Smallville was far from perfect, but not a cold, unfeeling monster.  Surely the break-up with Clark doesn’t bring on world-class villainy.  The Lex we saw had his dark side but nothing like this dead-eyed machine who is now cutting a swath through everyone who has ever known him, leaving destruction in his wake.


I liked seeing him as a child again and the memories coming back to him.  Was anyone else smiling when little Lex was playing with the Warrior Angel doll (sorry, action figure!) and it looked so much like a Superman action figure? ;)


I cringed when I heard Lionel say they were going to Smallville.  Oh, Lex!

Lex as a child is so sweet it breaks your heart to think of what his future holds.  


Meteor freaks become paranoid and then insane, right?  And Lex was caught directly in the shower.  Smallville already twists the Superman mythos to fit its darkness.  What better than to reveal that Lex is no longer in his right mind, and the Kryptonite is to blame?


If I was a friend of Clark’s, maybe I’d run, too.  This ‘verse is destroying everyone he loves.  He hasn’t smiled in weeks, or maybe a small smile here or there.  Is there any joy in this world anymore?  I worry about Chloe.  She’s not comics canon, and when Smallville ends, will she?  They’ve already given her the power to save others at the expense of her own life.  What if she has to save Clark someday and that just takes too much out of her?


The way Smallville’s going, Clark is going to be way too messed up to be the hero that the world needs.  He’s lost Lex, his father, Lana, and Kara.  Can they break his heart any more?     



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