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Fic: The Jig's Up! (4/4)

Title: The Jig’s Up! (4/4) Happy St. Patrick’s Day! ;)
Author: BradyGirl
Pairings/Characters (this chapter): Clark/Bruce, Dick/Roy, Linda/Barbara, Ollie/Dinah (hint of Ollie/Dinah/Hal), Steve/Diana (see Author’s Notes)
Genres: Holiday, Fluff
Rating (this chapter): NC-17
Warnings: None
Spoilers: None
General Summary: Irish eyes are smiling. ;)
Chapter Summary: A St. Patrick’s Day party can get Irish (and other) blood going! :)
Disclaimer: I don’t own ‘em, DC does, more’s the pity.
Date Of Completion: March 25, 2008
Date Of Posting: March 26, 2008
Word Count: 1979
Author’s Notes: This is a multiple pairings/character story, with many more appearing, starting in the second chapter. Includes the JLA and the Teen Titans.
This was written for my 2008 DCU Fic/Art St. Patrick’s Day Challenge. Many of the prompts were used in this story.
All chapters can be found here. 





Clark contentedly gazed out at the stars, the music from the party drifting down the hall and reaching his ears through the closed door of his quarters.  Bruce slept peacefully beside him, curled up and within the curve of his lover’s arm.  A thin sheet was drawn up over their bodies to ward off chill for Bruce.


He watched the Earth rotate below, his love for his adopted planet always strong in his heart.  She was a beautiful planet, and he had seen many in his travels. 


He looked down at Bruce.  Beauty, the best that Earth had to offer.


He gently kissed Bruce’s temple and his lover stirred slightly, but stayed asleep.  Clark remembered the passionate kissing at the party until he had whisked them away and they had stumbled down the hall to his room, lip-locked the whole way until they tumbled onto Clark’s bed.


Passion always roiled within Bruce, whose icy exterior hid a fiery heart.  Fondness suffused his features as Clark thought of how misunderstood Bruce really was.


It wasn’t that he didn’t feel.


It was that he felt too much.


There were people who knew that, of course: Alfred, Dick, Barbara.  There were people who suspected strongly: Diana and Dinah, and Hal and Ollie weren’t exactly clueless.  J’onn knew, because he was J’onn.


Bruce’s vulnerability right now showed how much he trusted Clark.  Clark tightened his hold just a little, then took a quick look at the party with his telescopic vision.  Still going strong.  Dick really didn’t stop dancing, did he?  He laughed softly, affection for the young man deep in his heart.


Clark resumed watching the Earth in contented bliss as Bruce slept curled up around him. 


& & & & & &


“I might have to say ‘Uncle’, Robbie!”


Dick grinned as Roy slumped into a chair.  The music stopped to give the talented band a break.  Made up of civilians from the Auxiliary, they sampled some of the buffet while the dancers flopped into chairs.


Dick slid bonelessly onto a chair, hair hanging in his eyes.  Despite being a perpetual motion machine, he understood the benefits of sitting still when the moment called for it. 


Right now he was enjoying watching Roy’s chest heave as he settled his breathing, a fine sheen of sweat over his fair skin.  Dick’s grin blazed across the few feet between their chairs.


“Aw, Robbie, I need sunglasses!” Roy covered his eyes.


Dick laughed and grasped Roy’s hand. “Just rest up, Speedy.  Once the band starts up again…”


Roy groaned. “I would have to get involved with a dancing fool!”


Dick laughed delightedly and leaned over and kissed his favorite redhead.


& & & & & &


Linda and Barbara snickered as they heard Roy’s lament grow louder as the band finished their break and started playing again.  Dick grabbed Roy’s hand and dragged him back out onto the dance floor.


Linda and Barbara danced to the slow, almost-mournful tune, then Linda just as slowly flew them up to the ceiling and toward the windows, lazily circling them up in the air.  Barbara sighed happily as they turned and twisted, drinking in each other’s beauty.


Barbara loved the green shamrock badge in Linda’s blond hair and the way her sapphire eyes sparkled.  There was no one prettier in her opinion, and she pushed a little with her legs, twirling them around.  Linda laughed delightedly, rotating them like the Earth below.  Barbara slipped her gloved fingers through yellow hair, then kissed a sweet, perfect mouth…


& & & & & &


“C’mon, Ollie, help me get Hal to bed.”


“Oh, baby, I thought you’d never ask!”


Dinah cheerfully kicked Ollie’s shin, ignoring his yelp of pain.  She grabbed Hal’s arm and Ollie grabbed the other one, swaying as he helped lift Hal.


“We’ll put him in his own bed,” Dinah said as they started walking.


“Yeah, let ol’ Hal sleep it off.  Can’ hold his liquor ennyway.”


Dinah smirked. “Like you’ll be sleeping with me tonight!  You’re so soused you can’t get it up, loverboy!”


“Who says?” Ollie grinned.


Dinah snorted.


In Hal’s room, they flopped the Lantern on the bed, Dinah removing his boots and Ollie his mask and gloves.  They both stripped him quickly and Dinah pulled the covers up over him, carefully placing the ring on the nightstand.


“Okay, darlin’, see you in the morning.” Dinah started to leave.


“Wait a minute!  Where are you going, Pretty Bird?”


“I told you, I’m not sleeping with a drunken sot tonight, Ollie.”


“I’m not that drunk!”


“Attempting to drink J’onn under the table means you are that drunk.” Dinah’s eyes twinkled. “Hey, if Hal wakes up and doesn’t lose his lunch all over you, maybe you can persuade him to have some fun.”


“Ha, ha.” Ollie reached out and grabbed Dinah’s arm, pulling her to him. “I just might do that, Pretty Bird.” He nuzzled her hair, then let her go.  She grinned and said, “I’ll help you undress before I leave.”


Ollie’s smirk put an answering one on her face, and she helped her lover unlace his jerkin, pull off his gloves and armbands, and then his shirt, boots, socks, and pants.  The briefs were on the floor and Ollie was riffling a hand through his blond hair.  Dinah spanked him and said, “Into bed you go, Oliver.”


He grinned in all his naked glory and obeyed, Hal immediately rolling over and wrapping himself around Ollie.


“Sweet dreams, luvs,” Dinah purred, and enjoyed the sight of her two luscious men in bed together.


“Wait, where are you going?” Ollie asked.


“Oh, maybe Linda and Barbara would be interested in a threesome.” At Ollie’s look she added, “A dance, Ollie, a dance.” She shook her head but smirked as she left the room.


& & & & & &


Diana pulled away from the docking bay, Steve gazing out at the stars as they flew.  They didn’t speak, but it wasn’t necessary.  Diana had discovered that she and her Beloved were good at comfortable silences, and in a world full of incessant noise and chatter, she treasured that. 


Instead he smiled at her and put his hand over hers and squeezed, then rested his hand on her thigh so that she could keep both hands on the wheel.


Of course, his hand on her thigh was distracting, especially after she had danced and drunk the wine of the Gods…all right, the beer of the Irish…and her body throbbed for release.


Unfortunately, Steve’s injury was going to prevent that release, at least with him.


She kept her emotions under control, the peace of their flight soothing her.  She glanced at Steve’s profile as he returned his attention to the stars.


Love swelled up in her, her eyes as sparkling as the stars that framed Steve’s face.


“Beloved,” she murmured, slipping her hand through his hair, “you have the stars in your hair, in your eyes, in your heart.”


Steve smiled at her poetic language, took her hand and kissed it, and Diana smiled back.


& & & & & &


Steve pulled off his shirt as Diana took her turn and brushed her teeth in the bathroom.  He winced as he moved, bruises and cuts showing on his chest and stomach but mostly on his back.  Most of the injuries were healing except for his hip.  With great care he undressed, breath hissing through his teeth, and managed to stand without wobbling too much. 


Damn, it was going to be a long and uncomfortable night.


Still, the party had been fun, and he was immensely proud of his induction into the JLA Auxiliary.  Diana had fetched the box of items that Superman had given him at the meeting and he was going to look it over in the morning.


He stretched, naked except for his Medal shining golden against his fair skin.


Diana emerged from the bathroom, tossing off her robe as she approached.  Steve drew a deep breath.  Her beauty never failed to mesmerize him.  She was alight with energy and passion, sapphire-blue eyes sparkling.


She kissed him and he put his arms around her, her breasts soft against him.


She drew back and looked into his eyes.


& & & & & &


Regret laced Steve’s gaze. “I’m sorry, Angel.  I can’t…”


“I know.” Despite her need she smiled and put a hand on the side of his face. “Let us go to bed, Beloved.” As Steve carefully sat down, she asked, “Your pills?”


“I can’t.” Ruefulness entered his tone. “I drank some beer tonight, and alcohol and pills don’t mix.  I wanted to be a part of the party!”


He ducked his head and looked so much like an embarrassed little boy that Diana laughed and carded her fingers through his soft hair.


“No need for apology, Beloved.” She kissed the top of his head. “Now, let us to bed.”


They stretched out on their sides facing each other, Diana noting the pain in her lover’s eyes. “Try and relax, dearest.” She began stroking his hair again.


“I think, Angel, that you need some attention first.”


“Wha…?  Oh!” She blushed pink. “It is no matter.”


“Oh, I think it is.” He smiled and cupped her breast. “I know you.  An evening of drinking and dancing?  You’re fired up, my passionate Princess, and you need attention.  No need for both of us to get no sleep tonight.”


His tongue lapped at her breast, her fingers curling in his hair.  She moaned softly as his mouth closed around her nipple, suckling gently.  Her legs moved, and she stroked his bruised shoulder. 


As he worked on her breast, his hand slid down between her legs and she shivered as his fingers found her core and brought her pleasure in waves.  She bucked against him, moans slipping out of her while he turned his attentions to her other breast, touching and kneading and feeling her warmth and wetness.  He felt her quiver and his own skin flushed as she came, warm and wet and wild.


He detached from her breast and gazed at her in the afterglow, happy that he had put that expression on her face.


Diana opened her eyes and touched his face. “Thank you, Beloved.”


He grinned. “I doubt that’ll be all you’ll need.  I know you, my insatiable Amazon.”


Her smile brightened. “Verily, my Apollonian Love.” She winked and he laughed. “But I can sleep now.”


She cleaned them both up and then they settled down. 


Steve bit his lip. “I have to get on my back, Angel.” He rolled over.


She propped up on an elbow. “I like you on your back,” she purred, stroking his chest.


He chuckled. “Wouldn’t your adoring public be scandalized to know your dirty mind, my love?”


Her laughter trilled as she drew closer. “I have been corrupted by Man’s World.”




She reached under his pillow and pulled out a large, round button.  Steve laughed when he read it.


“Go ahead, do what it says.”


She leaned forward and kissed him on the lips, then kissed his shoulder. “And you’re even ancestral Irish, so the slogan is appropriate.”


He grinned as she put the KISS ME, I’M IRISH! button on the nightstand and turned back to him. “But, Steve, don’t worry.  Relax, my love.” She gently put her hand on his throbbing hip and he tensed, then quickly relaxed. “Close your eyes and know that you are loved.”


“Always,” he breathed.


Before he closed his eyes he gazed at the stars, one moving as a bright pinpoint of light.


Either a plane or the Watchtower.


He looked at his Angel, who gazed at him with pure love in her eyes, and he put his arm around her, drawing her closer as he closed his eyes.


Pain or not, he was safe…and loved.                















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