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A Few Notes On Rainbow's Freedom (RobinSong Arc)

The RobinSong Arc has debuted! Dick appears soon, but not in the earliest chapters. Bruce and Clark need a little time to adjust to their new status as lovers, after all. ;)

Dick is going to be an important part of this arc, hence the name. Robin makes an appearance much later, as Dick needs to find his way in his new home after tragedy and Bruce, Clark, and Alfred learn more about the newest member of the Wayne Household.

New original characters are introduced in this arc, and more of the DCU characters. Dinah makes her appearance, and we get to see Black Canary in action. :)

There is quite a bit of information on this and future arcs in this previous post. As you'll notice, I thought there would be 44 chapters in this arc but decided that some of them worked better in the next one. Warning: the previous post does contain spoilers for future arcs, but nothing major.

Also for the grammarians in the audience: I'm not one of those people who don't know how to use apostrophes! :) The title, "Rainbow's Freedom", uses apostophe 's' because the rainbow in the title is singular. It was originally supposed to be "Freedom's Rainbow" but since my mind is contrary, it chose to transpose the words. :) If they were plural rainbows, I would have written it "Rainbows' Freedom". That misuse of the apostrophe drives me crazy out in the world and it bothered me that it would appear I was doing the same. :)

As always, my posting schedule will be at least two chapters per week if I can manage it, and more if my final revisions work well. The Date Of Completion is for the first draft only, as many revisions have taken place since then but essentially the first draft is the major bulk of the final chapter.

As noted in the linked post above, Clark won't be regaining his powers or memory any time soon because that changes the Master/slave dynamic too much, and this is a story exploring the issues of slavery for enslaved and enslaver. This period of time (and the next set of arcs) are Clark's time of learning and suffering and experiencing great joy which will serve him well in his future role as Earth's Greatest Hero, and it's essential that he be hidden away from the world and the galaxy before his Destiny finally reveals itself (which will herald the approaching end of this tale). Bruce will also be undergoing the same experiences, except from the other side as Master.  Other heroes will be important parts of the new Mission, especially Dick, Diana, and other familiar faces.

Rome wasn't built in a day, nor destroyed in one. The Galactic Empire may find that the changes building on Earth will affect them in ways the revolutionaries can only dream of. 

Most of all, enjoy the story! :)

Tags: clark kent/bruce wayne, rainbow's freedom, robinsong arc, superman/batman
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