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Fic: The Jig's Up! (3/4)

Title: The Jig’s Up! (3/4) Happy St. Patrick’s Day! ;)
Author: BradyGirl
Pairings/Characters (this chapter): Dick/Roy, Steve/Diana, Hal Jordan (hint of Steve/Diana/Hal), Ollie/Dinah, J’onn J’onzz, Kori, Wally West, Clark/Bruce. Linda/Barbara (see Author’s Notes)
Genres: Holiday, Fluff
Rating (this chapter): PG-13
Warnings: None
Spoilers: None
General Summary: Irish eyes are smiling. ;)
Chapter Summary: Kiss me, I’m Irish! :)
Disclaimer: I don’t own ‘em, DC does, more’s the pity.
Date Of Completion: March 19, 2008
Date Of Posting: March March 23, 2008
Word Count: 1939
Author’s Notes: This is a multiple pairings/character story, with many more appearing, starting in the second chapter. Includes the JLA and the Teen Titans.
This was written for my 2008 DCU Fic/Art St. Patrick’s Day Challenge. Many of the prompts were used in this story.
All chapters can be found here. 





Dick felt his blood singing as he danced.  He loved dance of all kinds!  And the spirited Irish music matched his spirited Irish lover as they went through the moves of the jig.


Roy’s green eyes sparkled and his red hair flashed in the sunlight streaming through the windows. Was sunlight ever more dazzling than up here orbiting the Earth?


The music grew more frenetic and Dick danced closer, his rhythm matching Roy’s.  His delighted partner stepped up his energy, and when their eyes met, there was crackling electricity.


& & & & & &


J’onn looked slightly bleary-eyed, and Hal was hanging around Ollie’s shoulders.  Another round appeared, and Ollie lifted his mug with a slightly-shaky grip. “Drink up!”


J’onn smoothly drank, setting the empty mug down on the bar.  Hal’s eyes crossed for a second, then he groaned, “Should we get under the table now?”


& & & & & &


Clark’s eyes sparkled as his foot tapped in time to the music.  Bruce noticed him watching Dick and Roy, and his own attention was drawn to the two young men.  Dick certainly seemed happy, but then, he loved to dance.


He also loved Roy.


Bruce had known that for a long time.  The boys had been inseparable during the beginning of the Teen Titans’ days, and were easily the closest to each other on the team.  They had their own adventures apart from their mentors and the Titans, and Bruce had resigned himself to an Arrow-Bat merger.


Not that he disliked Roy.  He thought the redhead was a fine hero, extremely skilled and courageous, and had demonstrated his willingness to risk his life for Dick.  He was also a good companion for Dick. 


It was just…could he and Ollie get along as in-laws?!


Bruce sighed with the thought.


“What’s wrong, Bruce?”


“I was just thinking of Ollie and me…” He stopped abruptly as he noticed the large button proclaiming KISS ME, I’M IRISH! on Clark’s uniform.  His eyes narrowed.  That hadn’t been there a few minutes ago! “You’re not Irish.”


Clark laughed. “Everyone’s Irish on St. Patrick’s Day, Bruce.”


“Kiss me, eh?”


Clark was beaming as he watched the dancing. “Yeah, sure, it’s like when I wear that apron that says ‘KISS THE COOK’…mmph!”


Bruce was obeying the slogan on the button with enthusiasm.


& & & & & &


“C’mon, Wally, let’s get back to dancing!” Kori swiveled her hips.


Wally was still staring, then he gulped. “Um, Kori, you were just kidding about the young male virgins…right?”


Kori smiled as she danced around Wally and tossed her hair.


& & & & & &


Linda and Barbara laughed as they stumbled off the dance floor toward the window, hand-in-hand.  They gazed down at the Earth slowly rotating beneath them and Linda nuzzled her lover.


“I love seeing the Earth from way up high.”


“Oh, that’s right.  You can see it any old time.”


“Yes, I can.  But you know what’s even more beautiful?”






Barbara sighed happily as Linda, putting a long string of beads around Barbara’s neck and her own, drawing her into a kiss.


& & & & & &


Diana danced with one of the civilians, the woman showing off some good moves.  Diana noticed Clark and Bruce in a passionate embrace and smiled.  Bacchus and Aphrodite tended to come together at celebrations likes this.


She and Hal had danced, and then he had been attracted to the drinking contest between Ollie and J’onn.  She grinned as she noticed J’onn still standing upright while the other two-thirds of the Green Team were looking a little ‘green around the gills’, as Steve would say.


She found herself drifting into Dick and Roy’s orbit, and she and Mindy paired off with the twosome, switching partners at the drop of a leprechaun’s hat.


Diana laughed in sheer joy.  Revels and bacchanals were not unknown on Paradise Island, and she enjoyed the freeing aspect of a wild party.


She glanced over at Steve, pleased to see him eating dinner with Dinah.  She briefly thought of his crash a week ago and shivered at the close call.  No, he was fine, he was with her, and a badly-strained hip was worth him being alive. 


She danced with gratitude as she sent up silent homages of thanks to the Gods and Goddesses.


& & & & & &


“Ollie will be passed out in his cups soon,” Dinah observed wryly.


Steve finished chewing his piece of corned beef. “Looks like Hal will be, too.”


Dinah smirked. “Is that what’s required of test pilots?  Machismo and drinking?”


“Pretty much.”


She laughed at the twinkle in his eyes. “I knew it!  Well, what of it?  Cops really bond with booze, too.  Their jobs are horrendous at times, boring at best.” She looked sad for a moment. “Not easy, that kind of life.”


“I expect not.”


Dinah looked at her dining companion.  His gaze traveled to Diana after flickering to Hal.  She well knew the pull of Hal Jordan.  Ollie did, too.


The sapphire eyes were slightly hazy.  Pain.  




“Yes?” He turned his attention to her.


“A good job with that last mission.”


He blushed slightly. “Thanks, Dinah.”


“Beloved!” Diana hurried up to the table. “Toast me before I go back out.”


Steve laughed and held up his mug, clinking glasses with Diana’s. “To Bacchus,” he said with a wink.


“To Bacchus!”


Diana drank her beer and set down the mug, kissing Steve before she returned to the dance floor.


“Like my boy-o and his amour, Diana like to dance,” Dinah said.


“True.” Steve looked at Dick and Roy with interest. “They do look cozy together.”




Dinah saw the wistful look on Steve’s face as his attention returned to Diana.  The Amazon was enjoying the new dance, a jig-like tune that was fast and spirited. 


“So, how do you feel about getting the super-secret decoder ring?”


He grinned and turned back to face her. “Great!  I can tell you I was pretty worried when I got the summons.”


Dinah chuckled. “Hal has a wicked sense of humor, as you well know, and he dragooned Diana to go along.  I hope you weren’t too worried.”


“I figured you guys were going to kick me out.  Of course, I wasn’t officially in, but I thought my last mission really screwed things up.”


Dinah smiled. “Hardly.  The head of Auxiliary, Mindy, will be contacting you soon for a training schedule.  I know you’re familiar with her.”


Steve glanced at the redhead dancing with his Angel. “She’s funny and really knows her stuff.”


“She’ll probably do some monitor duty training first, then once you’re healed up you can start training on the Javelin.” She noticed the shadow in his eyes. “What’s wrong, Steve?”


“I’m…I’m not sure if I’ll be able to fly for a…long time.”


Oh, Gods!  I hope that isn’t permanent!


“Don’t worry, plenty of other things to keep you busy around here.” 


“Can I do monitor duty with Diana?  Keep her company?” He grinned.


Dinah laughed. “Yes, you can.  Though keep the distractions down, will you?”


He winked.






“May I see your Medal?”


“Sure.” He unbuttoned his collar and slipped the medallion off from around his neck.


“What a beautiful piece of work,” Dinah said in awe, handling it carefully as she studied it.  The figure of Athena in full battle gear, sword upraised and shield ready, was backlit by a sunburst design.


“I still can’t believe how old it is.  Diana said Vulcan himself forged this millennia ago!” His voice was tinged with his own sense of awe.


“A precious gift, indeed.”


He nodded, and then Dinah slipped it back around his neck.


“She’s a wonder,” Dinah said as her eyes sought out Diana on the dance floor.


& & & & & &


Steve recalled Dinah’s mention of liking blonds and brunettes.  It was no secret that while she and Ollie lived together, Hal was a frequent visitor.  And if any woman here in Man’s World would fit his Angel, it would be another fellow warrior such as the Canary.


He realized with a mild shock that he and Dinah shared many of the same attractions.   


The subject of their conversation suddenly appeared, Diana hugging Steve. “Darling, the dancing reminds me of home!”


“You do Irish jigs on the Island, Angel?” Steve asked in amusement.


She slapped him gently on the shoulder. “No, silly. Just the energy of the dancing.  Mmm, your dinner smells good.  I’ll be right back.”


Diana came back with a plate of food and sat next to Steve.  Dinah laughed. “Where’d you get the beads, Princess?”


“Roy gave them to me in between dances.  Oh, and your own set, my love.” Diana slipped a set of beads around Steve’s neck.  Smiling, he kissed her in thanks.


As they ate, Diana observed, “Dick will dance all night if he can.”


Dinah nodded. “It’s that Romany blood of his.” Affection suffused her pretty features. “My boy-o has dancing feet, too, in addition to more than a bit of the blarney in him.”


Diana glanced over at the corner table. “Should Clark and Bruce, as the saying goes, ‘get a room’?”


Dinah looked behind her and burst out laughing. “Oh, my!  Good thing Dick and Linda are nearly impervious to embarrassment.”


All three of them grinned.


& & & & & &


The party continued in full swing, food and drink consumed and the dancing as energetic as ever.


Hal and Ollie gave up with J’onn and staggered to the table, dropping into chairs.


“Ooh,” Hal groaned. “My head!”


“Serves you right if you can’t hold your liquor,” Dinah said as she leisurely drank her beer.


“I suppose you could drink J’onn under the table?”


“Better than you two!”


“Be my guest.” Hal waved his hand in J’onn’s direction.


“No, thanks.  I don’t want a pounding head tomorrow.”


“Stevie, are you going to let the Canary talk to me like that?”


“I gave up trying to tell any woman what to do a long time ago, my friend.”


Diana and Dinah beamed and Hal and Ollie groaned while Steve winked.


Hal leaned over the table. “Don’ scare me like that again, Stevie.  Don’ crash.”


Affection shone from Steve’s eyes as he brushed a stray lock out of Hal’s eyes. “I won’t.”


“Good.” Hal rested his head on his arms.


Ollie shook his head and crossed his arms as he stretched his legs out. “Gawds, why don’t Clark and Bruce get a room?!”


Diana, Dinah and Steve looked at each other, then burst out laughing.


& & & & & &


Diana noticed that as the clock ticked forward to midnight that Steve’s eyes were hazy with pain despite his delight in the party.  She put her hand on his arm.


“Beloved, I think we should return home.”


He looked at her and nodded, then he laughed. “We can’t ask Hal for a ride home, can we?”


A light snore emanated from Hal.


“No, I don’t think so,” Diana said wryly. “No matter.  I shall summon my plane and we can go home that way.”


“Goodnight, all,” Steve said as he rose, stifling a gasp.  His hip was stiff and Diana made sure she stayed close to him, but allowed him to walk away from the table under his own power.


“Goodnight!” Dinah said cheerfully as Ollie waved.


As they left, Steve glanced back at the empty corner table. “Looks like Clark and Bruce got a room after all.”


Diana matched his grin as they walked out into the corridor.























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