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Fic: The Jig's Up! (2/4)

Title: The Jig’s Up! (2/4) Happy St. Patrick’s Day! ;)
Author: BradyGirl
Pairings/Characters (this chapter): Dick/Roy, Steve/Diana, Hal Jordan (hint of Steve/Diana/Hal), Ollie/Dinah, J’onn J’onzz, Clark/Bruce, Kori, Wally West, Linda/Barbara (see Author’s Notes)
Genres: Holiday, Fluff
Rating (this chapter): PG-13
Warnings: None
Spoilers: None
General Summary: Irish eyes are smiling. ;)
Chapter Summary: Everyone’s Irish on St. Patrick’s Day! :)
Disclaimer: I don’t own ‘em, DC does, more’s the pity.
Date Of Completion: March 15, 2008
Date Of Posting: March 22, 2008
Word Count: 1220
Author’s Notes: This is a multiple pairings/character story, with many more appearing, starting in the second chapter. Includes the JLA and the Teen Titans.
This was written for my 2008 DCU Fic/Art St. Patrick’s Day Challenge. Many of the prompts were used in this story.
All chapters can be found here. 





“Jig!  Jig!  Jig!” 


The cry went up and Roy answered, smiling and dancing in the center of the room as his friends and colleagues clapped and laughed.  He held out his hand and Dick joined him.  Romany blood just meant that Dick had a liking for fiery, passionate movement, and an Irish jig certainly qualified.


Steve laughed as he lifted his beer mug in salute.  Diana appeared, a sparkling green shamrock badge in her hair.


“What a fun holiday!”


Steve grinned. “I’m glad you’re enjoying it, Angel.”


“Hey, Princess, mind if we join the dancing?” Hal asked.  More people were joining Dick and Roy.


“Go ahead, Angel,” Steve said softly. “I can’t dance tonight.”


Sympathy shone in Diana’s eyes, then she quickly kissed him and went off with Hal.


& & & & & &


Roy was flushed with excitement, the jig a fun way to celebrate and show off.  Dick as his partner was even better.  The music was happy and light and dare he say…gay?  He laughed and Dick laughed with him.  Dick loved to laugh and didn’t need a complicated excuse to do so. 


One of the many reasons I love him so much.


Now that they were ‘of age’ (over eighteen), Roy was happy they’d gone public.  As he whirled around the dance floor, matching Dick step-for-step, he was grateful that Bruce and Ollie approved. 


Makes things a helluva lot easier.


And speaking of his mentor and Dick’s…


& & & & & &


Ollie and Hal quaffed green beers at the bar, both resplendent in their emerald uniforms.  J’onn was watching all the frivolity with a paternal air, amused that his skin color was perfect for the holiday. 


“J’onn, you’re the perfect representative of St. Pat’s!” Hal said.


“As long as you drink up, J’onn,” Ollie said with a wink.


J’onn put on his best long-suffering look. “Surely you do not require me to ingest this…this green beer?!”


Both humans laughed. “Sure we do!” Ollie said, sliding a mug over to J’onn. “You can drink us all under the table.”


“Why would I want to drink under a table?”


Ollie was about to answer when he saw the twinkle in J’onn’s eyes.  Smirking, he took a long draught of his beer and J’onn copied him, draining the entire mug.


“Oh, you need more.” Ollie poured J’onn another mug, and another was downed.  Intrigued now, he kept them coming.


& & & & & &


Clark and Bruce were ensconced at their favorite corner table by the window.  Bruce grumbled that there were shamrocks and leprechauns plastered all over the window, but Clark merely grinned and adjusted his shamrock badge.  “Why so gloomy, Bruce?  It’s a happy holiday!”


“And holidays aren’t supposed to be happy?”


The jaunty Irish music filled the room, and Clark said, “Of course they are.  Look at Dick.  He’s having a great time.”


“He just loves any excuse to dance.”


Clark laughed. “True, but he’s good at every kind of dance there is.”


Bruce watched, and Clark could read the pride in his face.  He smirked and took off at super-speed, back before Bruce could even register the breeze.  Bruce turned. “Oh, no!  I am not drinking that stuff!”


“Yes, you are.” He did every year, after the obligatory resistance.  Clark pushed the mug across the table. “Drink up, and celebrate your son-in-law’s favorite holiday.”




“What, you don’t think that Roy and Dick are going to get married someday?”


Bruce took a long draught of beer while Clark laughed.


& & & & & &


Kori grabbed Wally and they went out onto the dance floor. “This holiday is fun!” she said.


“I agree!” Wally was doing a passable attempt at a jig. “What kind of holidays do you celebrate on Tamar?”


“Oh, Victory of Tamar City Day and Saving Souls Day and Sacrifice Day and…”


“What’s Sacrifice Day?”


“We sacrifice young male virgins to the War God.”


Wally’s mouth dropped open.


& & & & & &


Linda grabbed Barbara and pulled her out onto the dance floor.  The redhead grinned and began matching her lover’s moves.


Linda admired the shamrock badge on the side of Barbara’s cowl, glittering under the lights.  Her body was always graceful, courtesy of a gymnastic background.


The blond glanced over at Dick. “You don’t mind not dancing with your old dance partner?”


Barbara put her hands on her hips as she performed intricate steps. “Oh, we’ll dance together some time tonight.  Just not…dance.”


Linda smiled happily and adjusted her own shamrock badge in her hair. “I love you.”


“I know.” Barbara’s green eyes sparkled. “I’m the luckiest Bat around.”


Linda laughed in delight and lifted Barbara up in sheer exuberance, Barbara joining her in joy.


& & & & & &


“Hey, Steve!  What’s the good word?”


Dinah slid into the seat next to him, carrying a mug.  Steve grinned. “Just enjoying the festivities.”


Dinah glanced at his hip but refrained from commenting.  The man didn’t need to be constantly reminded.  His pain would do that for him.


She quaffed her beer and smiled.  She wore green beads and a large sparkling shamrock in her hair.  A button that proclaimed ‘VIP—Very Irish Person’ was attached to her lapel.


“Very Irish, eh?” Steve’s eyes twinkled.


“To be sure!” She winked. “Cop daddy and granddaddy, and my mum’s dad was a cop, too.”


“Her grandfather?”


“Was a saloonkeeper.”


Steve laughed and he lifted his mug in salute, taking a sip. “I suppose Ollie’s costume suits you.”


“Oh, yes.” She winked. “I have a thing for blonds.” Steve blushed, then laughed as she added, “Brunettes, too.”


“This has always been a fun day.  My family and I attended a lot of St. Patrick’s Day parades in Boston.  Sort of Irish Central there in Southie.” He winked.


Dinah laughed. “To be sure, to be sure.”


Steve smiled a little self-consciously. “Are you sure the League is okay with me knowing their secret identities?”


Dinah leaned close. “We trust you.” She pulled back and said, “Diana trusts you, and you’ve proven your trust.  Some of the civilians know all of the secret I.D.s, and some know a handful.  Of course the Titans know.  They’re already an auxiliary all their own. We figured that if an Amazon chose you as her boyfriend, you weren’t likely to be untrustworthy.  And you’ve been together quite a few years now.”   


“Well, that’s true.” Steve watched his Angel twirl on the dance floor. “Believe me, I won’t be blabbing such important information.”


“We know.” Dinah smiled as she saw Linda and Barbara whirl on by their table.


“They aren’t Civilian Auxiliary or Teen Titans.  Are they Reserve Leaguers?” Steve asked.


“Yes.  Even though the League doesn’t usually induct heroes with the same powers or skills, how can you not add Supergirl, the most powerful woman on the planet, and Batgirl, who is smart as a whip and learned Bat-methods very well.  And she’s a whiz with computers.”


“And they’re very much in love.”


Dinah smiled brighter. “Absolutely.” She looked over at the buffet. “In the mood for some corned beef, Steve?  I can get you a plate.”


“Thank you, Dinah.”


Dinah stood and headed for the buffet while Steve happily watched his Angel, momentarily forgetting his throbbing hip.


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