bradygirl_12 (bradygirl_12) wrote,

Some Great Scans!

I've been thoroughly enjoying a page over on cap_ironman which has gathered several scans of the Steve/Tony relationship. Even if you don't 'ship them, or even read Marvel, I would recommend taking a look. There's some wonderful stuff there, and it's all canon! ;) Truly, check out No. 11: The Look! ;) The writer and artist knew what we're thinking with this one! ;)

Most of my f-list is probably DC, but some of you may have seen these scans before. You might want to enjoy them all gathered in one place for a fond perusal, and if you haven't seen them, they are fresh material that lets the love and friendship shine through.

And even if death stories aren't your thing, No. 2 ("The Confession") is powerful. Tony's speech after the events of "Civil War" will move you, I guarantee it! And the second scan? Shattering. As are the funeral/burial scenes for Captain America.

But all is not death and tears! Some lighter stuff and pix that make you smile (No. 1, "The Hug And Fly"). ;)

Scans are being added all the time, but they already have an impressive amount over there. Have fun! :)
Tags: captain america/iron man, rec, steve rogers/tony stark
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