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"Clark's Greatest Fear"

Smallville "Traveler" (Episode 14) (Season 7) (March 20, 2008) 

Wow.  Okay, Clark’s greatest fear came to life, and Lionel was behind it.  I knew he wasn’t to be trusted, and now Clark finally knows it, too.


It’s never a good sign on Smallville when a Luthor is listening to opera. ;)


The revelation that Lionel killed everyone involved in Veritas?  Not a surprise, since he killed his own parents, but I wonder what Ollie will do if Clark tells him this information.  The Queens are dead because of Lionel, and don’t you think Green Arrow will want revenge?


I did enjoy Chloe and Lana rescuing Kara.  These two have great chemistry together, and I wish they had more scenes together.  And Kara rocked!  Not to mention Chloe, who would literally scale Mount Everest for Clark! J


Patricia Swann was marked for death as soon as she contacted the Luthors.  And Lex continues his very dark path, having her killed for her locket.


Truly, even though Michael Rosenbaum is a fine actor, I find it a little hard to believe that the Lex we knew in the early seasons could turn so dark in so little time (a few years).  He didn’t appear to be a psychotic to be me in those early episodes!


Thank goodness we didn’t have to watch a rerun of Lexana with Kara and Lex!  


While I agree with Clark in turning away from Lionel for good, he really seemed shaken up that Clark didn’t believe him anymore.  Well, Lionel, that might be because you killed a whole bunch of people, including the parents of a close friend, for your own greed.  Not to mention capturing Clark and putting him in a Green K cage with a sadist at the controls!  

And weaselly Lionel blamed Lex for it all when Chloe and Lana stormed into his office.  Man, Lex sure had a good role model, didn’t he?  I hope Clark tells his mother about all this and she stops thinking well of Lionel.  Jonathan was right not to trust him!   

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