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2008 DCU Fic/Art Gaia/Earth Day Challenge :)

It’s the first day of spring! I heard a Robin sing! ;) 

The Master List is here.

                                                              2008 DCU Fic/Art Gaia/Earth Day Challenge

This Challenge requests of writers and artists (including icon-and-manip-makers) the following:


Create your work using some element of Earth’s bounty: a walk in the woods with all the pretty flowers and trees, an environmental theme, mystical devotion to Gaia, who is the personification of Earth, and so on.  I’m a tree-hugger, and love taking care of them, planting flowers, etc. Clark’s a man of the earth, right?  Who better than someone with super-senses to appreciate the Earth’s cycles?  And what’s more sensual than love, or making love, if you’re inclined to give us a little R or NC-17? ;)


Your work can focus on these themes, such as Clark and Bruce are enjoying a spring day together (even a Bat needs sunshine!), or Cass is nurturing a plant in her Gotham apartment, or Diana is involved in Earth Day to honor Gaia.  The elements can be the major reason for your story or art or simply part of a larger work.


Considering many fans are followers of Earth-based religions, that could also be your theme, or simply mentioned as a character (established or original) could wear a pentagram or talk about attending a Beltane ritual within the context of a larger story, for example.


Wonder Woman fans, here’s a great chance to use her Pagan beliefs to craft a story or artwork! J  She gains strength from Gaia.  What could be more perfect?


Okay, the usual suspects:


Genre: Humor, romance, hurt/comfort, drama, etc.  You know the drill!  :)


Pairings (or threesomes, etc. ;) ): Slash, het, gen (this is DCU but if you’d like to write Clex, hey, that fits into the DCU!  And this also includes not only comicsverse but movie-and-toonverses)


Rating: G all the way through to NC-17.  Any story length.


Posting dates: March 20th-June 20th, 2008 (First day of spring to the first day of summer) (If you don’t make the deadline, don’t worry.  We still want to read your fic or look at your awesome art!)  :)


As always, please post your contributions here on this Main Page.  It’s the only way I can keep track of your entries, as I might miss them on my f-list.  If I get enough entries, I will do a Master List.


So here we go, writers, artists, icon-makers, manip-makers!  Whether light-hearted, sensual, or serious, let the apple blossoms shower down and the spring breeze caress your skin!  Create beauty, whether happy or sad or both!


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