bradygirl_12 (bradygirl_12) wrote,

Sigh Of Relief

Hi! Down from the ledge here! ;) I did finally manage to get LJ-sec TO DO WHAT I WANTED!!! so I feel better. I'm head is ready to explode for other reasons. :(

Once I am headache-free I'll be putting some logical, reasoned, non-hysterical posts forward to ask people their experiences with services that allow you to back-up journals with the comments intact. If LJ-sec did that, it'd be perfect, but until it does, I'm searching for an alternative.

My understanding of LJ-Archive is that it can save comments (?) but can't export to another platform like IJ? Or am I mistaken?

See, I'm very rational now! ;)

I may even be posting fic tonight. ;)

I knew I should have waited before I posted the last entry but what the hey? I guess I'm human, too, and bitching seems to be a popular pastime here on LJ, right? ;)

I didn't take my own recent advice about not worrying about all the latest LJ crap. I can't, really. My BP is going to kill me if I let things worry me too much, so I am busy breathing deeply and saying, "Ohhhmmm!!!" ;) But sometimes I just explode.

Love you guys for putting up with my craziness! *hugs*
Tags: help, lj
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