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Wonder Woman Scans

Interestingly, there are more threads popping up over on the DC Message Boards—Wonder Woman about her first love, Steve Trevor. In addition to the Another Blunt Discussion; All Opinions Welcomed that I spoke of in a previous post, there are several others that are easily discernible by title.

In Another Blunt Discussion; All Opinions Welcomed there is an entry with links to several scans: WW #300: Reunion, Wedding, and Honeymoon; Golden Age Goodness, and some from the TV series (one especially amusing), in addition to several others (you have to scroll down a little).

Most of those who dislike the character base it on the Silver Age (neither Steve nor Diana's finest hour) but some don't like him in any era, and that's fine. There are those who dislike Lois! :) Others enjoy the other eras and I was surprised at how many people were supporters. For years I figured it was me and maybe two other people who loved that pairing. LOL! They are like Clark/Bruce or Bruce/Dick for me: chemistry and forever. :)

Enjoy! :)
Tags: steve trevor/diana prince, steve trevor/wonder woman
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