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Fic: Castle In The Clouds II: Town Criers (4/4)

Title: Castle In The Clouds II: Town Criers (4/4)
Author: BradyGirl
Pairings/Characters (this chapter): Bruce/Dick
Genre: Drama
Rating (this chapter): NC-17
Warnings: None
Spoilers: None
General Summary: After the Winter Ball, the media storm hits.
Chapter Summary: The Wayne Boy Toy is hiding in the Wayne bedroom.  ;)
Disclaimer: I don’t own ‘em, DC does, more’s the pity.
Date Of Completion: March 13, 2008
Date Of Posting: March 16, 2008
Word Count: 1657
Author’s Note: Dick is over 18 in this story.
The entire series can be found here. 





Bruce drove the Batmobile into the Cave, a slight headache beginning between his eyes.  The day at the Watchtower had been very pleasant, but the night had been stressful, as patrolling without Dick always was.  Dick had Teen Titans’ business he had to attend to, and wouldn’t be back until morning. 


While Bruce missed him dearly, he was okay with Dick spending time in New York.  He needed to be around his peers, people who were friends and valued him for being not only Robin, but Dick as well.  But then, Dick seemed to have that effect on people.  Even Clark, who was hero-worshipped by Dick still, thought the sun rose and set on his young friend.


No argument there, thought Bruce with a smile.


He chuckled softly.  He had been smiling far more often lately.  Not too much, or his Bat-schtick would be shot, but more than he ever had before.  Oh, he had always smiled more in Dick’s mischievous presence as boy and man, but now he couldn’t seem to stop.  Even tonight, he gave the petty criminals he caught a fear-inducing smile, enjoying their reactions and laughing to himself as he knew that his real reason was because he was happy.




As he cut the engine, he wondered about that emotion.  So many years after his parents’…deaths…happiness had eluded him.  The shock of that night had seared him in a way he was certain he would never get past.


In some ways, he never had, but he had healed to some extent.


The reason was Dick.


Bruce got out of the Batmobile, the quiet of the Cave undisturbed except for the occasional chittering of bats.  He strode over to the computer to write up his report and then it would be a hot shower and bed.


As he sat in the chair, he draped his cape around the back with a flourish.  As he started typing, his mind wandered to Dick.


His shattered little boy had come to the Manor in his care, and immediately brought light into musty old corners and rooms that hadn’t known laughter in years.  His sparkling Robin had been his partner out in the dark night, equal and smart and saucy.


Dick had grown into a beautiful young man, and Bruce knew that he could never live without him.  He had been fearful of crushing the young man’s light under his darkness, but Dick had laughed at the very thought.


“Bruce, you’re not suppressing me.  You’re freeing me.”


He didn’t quite understand that, but he would take it.  Dick was happiest when they were together, and wasn’t that what mattered?


Bruce frowned as he clicked on the police website, a small set of headlines down in the right-hand corner.  The top one read: Wayne Boy Toy In Hiding. 


Dick was not in hiding.  He just wasn’t out as much as he might have been if the media horde didn’t follow him around everywhere.


And as for that nickname…


Bruce growled and read the other headlines that dealt with national and world crises. 


You know.  News!


He finished up his report, glad to see the headline gone as a new one replaced it.  Jim Gordon might have seen it and ordered it changed, though Bruce realized he hadn’t spoken to Jim as himself since the news had broken.  Sighing, he decided to go for his shower.


It was hot but Bruce didn’t linger, wanting to get upstairs to bed.  Toweling his hair, he walked out into the Cave in robe and slippers.


“Now that’s a sight I like to see on coming home.”


Heart pounding, Bruce lowered the towel and saw Dick sitting in his computer chair, swinging his leg back-and-forth, his eyes hidden by the white lenses and his smile blazing through the gloom of the Cave.  His body was relaxed in the chair, one green glove tapping the arm and the other flipping his yellow cape back with a flourish.


“You’re early.”


Dick nodded. “We finished up sooner than I expected.” He seemed to glow as energy exuded from him. “I didn’t realize that I was in hiding.”




A gloved thumb pointed to the computer.  Bruce frowned as he saw the Boy Toy headline. “That was off just awhile ago.”


“Now it’s back on.” Dick swung the chair from left-to-right as he shrugged, still with a smile. “I’ve seen it before.  Actually, I’ve heard it before.  Years before you put the glass slipper on me at the Winter Ball.”


Bruce was certain that his lover’s blue eyes were dancing behind the lenses.  He looped the towel around his neck and clutched both ends. “So I’m Prince Charming?”


“Well, you are the Prince of Gotham.”


Bruce smiled, then sobered as he said hesitantly, “I’m sorry about all this, Dick.  Maybe I should have realized all the flack you’d be taking when I suggested this coming-out…”


Dick shook his head. “Don’t, Bruce.” The smile was gentle this time. “I’ve heard it all before when I was younger.  It didn’t really bother me, except that I wasn’t old enough to get the benefits.  Now I am.” Dick leaned back, stretching one leg out, then bending it Indian-style. “I want to enjoy those benefits, Bruce.  Tonight.  Now.”


Bruce’s eyes glittered as he approached the chair.  “Really?”


Dick nodded his head. “Really.”


Bruce stood before the chair, taking in every inch of his lover’s body.  Dick ran his pixie boot up Bruce’s ribs, a salacious smile on his face.  Bruce grabbed his foot, then leaned in, Dick wrapping his legs around Bruce’s waist and grinning as his lover lifted him out of the chair.


“It seems we end up in this position frequently,” Bruce said dryly as he carried Dick up the stairs.


“That’s what you get for dating an acrobat,” Dick said cheerfully as his arms went around Bruce’s neck.


It was quiet up in the Manor, Alfred already gone to bed.  Bruce decided it would be all right to pass up on the cookies for one night, but Dick shook his head and said, “Kitchen.” When they reached the spotless kitchen he directed Bruce over to the plate of warm chocolate chip cookies, leaned down and grabbed it, balancing it perfectly in one hand.  Bruce shook his head and Dick laughed.


Up in their bedroom Bruce brought Dick over to the nightstand where the cookie plate was deposited, then he nuzzled Dick’s neck and said, “Off with the costume, Robin.”


Dick smirked and flung off his gloves, unlaced his tunic, and threw off his cape.  Bruce dropped him gently on the bed, peeled off his pixie boots, and as Dick was losing the tunic, he grabbed the green shorts and pulled them down, then the underwear.


Dick was in all his naked glory and being very wanton, so Bruce threw off his robe and slippers and pounced.


Laughter echoed up to the ceiling, Bruce teasing and tickling kisses all the way down Dick’s body, Dick’s fingers in his hair.  Bruce rolled them over and Dick was on top, all energy and light and laughter.  Bruce’s heart swelled with love as his lover kissed him on the lips, then laid whisper-soft kisses on his throat and chest, rubbing their groins together as Bruce shuddered.


Wind rattled at the windowpanes, the cold of January clear in the night sky.  Stars twinkled, surrounding Dick’s body as he straightened up, long and lean and strong.


“I want you inside me, Prince.”


The husky, teasing voice sent tingles of electricity down into Bruce’s groin. “Certainly, my Princeling, my Crown Prince, my saucy servant boy.” Bruce ran his hands up and down Dick’s arms.


Dick grinned and reached for the lube in the drawer of the nightstand.  Watching him uncap the tube and squeeze the cream onto his fingers, Bruce thought, Damn!  He makes even this simple thing sexy!


And watching Dick reach for his cock and stroke it while readying him sent shivers down Bruce’s spine.


My love, my heart, how lucky I am to have you!


When Dick was ready, he positioned himself, then lowered onto Bruce’s very ready cock.  Bruce grasped his thighs, helping him as he slid up-and-down, Dick’s smile sheer joy.


Bruce drank in the sight of him in the moonlight, loving the silvered flesh and moonbeams in his hair (How poetic he was getting!  The Bat would be mortified!) but  thinking that sunlight suited his Beloved so much better.


But his cock inside hot, tight Dick Grayson was sunlight itself.  Sensations washed over Bruce as his blood throbbed, his eyes on Dick’s face as Dick breathed, “So good…feels great…you’re perfect, Bruce…I love you…”


“I love you, too, Dick.”


The words were getting easier to say every day.  He thanked any Gods there were that Dick had been brought into his life.  He shuddered to think what his life would have been like without him.


So he didn’t think about that.


Instead, he thought about being buried deep in silken flesh, and that thought sent him over the edge.  He thrust his hips up one final time, spurting deep into his lover, and Dick came a few seconds later, spattering Bruce’s chest and belly as he threw his head back and groaned.


Sweet music to Bruce’s ears.


Dick slid off his softening cock and grabbed some tissues from the box on the nightstand, cleaning them up with swift precision, then tossed the tissues into the wastebasket and curled up around Bruce, who tugged the sheets and blankets up over their joined bodies.  His arm went around Dick, who sighed happily as his hand rested on Bruce’s chest, his head on Bruce’s shoulder.


“Cookies later?” he asked sleepily.


Bruce laughed. “Cookies later,” he promised, kissing the top of Dick’s head.


Let the tabloids and all the rest of the haters out there do their worst.  Dick was his, and always would be.


For them, love would always be strong.   









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