bradygirl_12 (bradygirl_12) wrote,

Pull A Rabbit Out Of A Hat?

Legion of Super Heroes (March 15, 2008) 

The return of magic!  We get a magical imp’s return, except he hasn’t got any powers anymore due to his malicious mischief of an earlier episode.


The Legion has to stall a magical take-over while Kel-El has to shephard the de-powered snarky kid wizard through his trials to regain his mojo.


Not an outstanding episode except I happen to like magic.  J  And Kell-El and the kid were cute together, two grumps perfect for each other!  ;)


And it was outstanding how Clark immediately set the Legion to helping the Wizards’ planet.  That is so our Superman!  J 

Tags: animated series, legion of super heroes, review, superman
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