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Polls, Snow, And Fic

Wow! It's been fun hosting my first poll. Thanks to all who voted and commented, and it's still open as it's only been up a few days, and I didn't think to look if there's a way to set an expiration date, anyway. LOL! I'll probably post a new poll soon because there is a question I'm very curious about, but polls will be special treats and not daily occurrences, so rest easy! ;)

I did find out some things as to what genres people enjoy in my writing, and the comments were fun and informative, too. You can learn a lot of things from even something as simple as a fun poll. :)

I've started my St. Patrick's Day fic and hopefully it'll be finished in time, but if it isn't, my deadlines are flexible! ;) It's going to be a multi-character deal (I really enjoy writing those) and should be a lot of fun.

I'll probably post the second chapter of the Bruce/Dick fic, Castle In The Clouds II: Town Criers, sometime tonight or tomorrow. Heck, it could be in the next hour for all I know! ;)

Snow is predicted here but not a big deal. I guess I'd better batten down the hatches, because whenever the weather types predict no big deal, it's a blizzard! :) I never put my shovel away until May. Mid-May, actually, as we've had storms early in the month. No, I do not live at the North Pole or in the Fortress. ;)
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