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Fic: Castle In The Clouds II: Town Criers (1/4)

Title: Castle In The Clouds II: Town Criers (1/4) 
Author: BradyGirl
Pairings/Characters (this chapter): Bruce/Dick, Wally West
Genre: Drama
Rating (this chapter): PG-13
Warnings: None
Spoilers: None
General Summary: After the Winter Ball, the media storm hits.
Chapter Summary: Frenzy on TV, radio, and in the papers.
Disclaimer: I don’t own ‘em, DC does, more’s the pity.
Date Of Completion: March 4, 2008
Date Of Posting: March 13, 2008
Word Count: 561
Author’s Note: Dick is over 18 in this story. 
The entire series can be found here. 





The Gotham Gazette’s headlines emblazoned: PRINCE OF GOTHAM TAKES A CONSORT! and while The Daily Planet did not have the news as its main headline, it was extremely prominent further down the page, and took up nearly the entire Society section.  The story’s title on the front page announced: BRUCE WAYNE AND EX-WARD AN ITEM.  The New York Times did not have it on the front page at all, but it was in the Society section, too, and read: BRUCE WAYNE, GOTHAM’S FAVORITE SON, DATES FORMER WARD.


Those venerable newspapers were being polite.  The Internet was abuzz, of course, and the tabloids from all three cities were spread out on the table next to the legitimate papers.  Headlines that would make London’s Fleet Street proud screamed: BRUCE LOVES DICK!, GOTHAM’S PRINCE SLIPS THE GLASS SLIPPER ON HIS  CINDERFELLA, BILLIONAIRE HAS NEW BOY TOY! 


People on television were constantly talking about it, with every celebrity show devoting hours to the subject, and even the staid evening news making mention.  The talk shows were dissecting the subject, with some expressing delight that Bruce Wayne was happy, while others were appalled that his former ward was the source of that happiness.  The usual homophobic suspects weighed in, and all kinds of lewd and scurrilous stories were being whispered about what must have gone on in the Grand Manor before Dick turned eighteen.


The television was on in the living room at Titans Tower, and a self-proclaimed moralist was proclaiming, “Not only is it bad enough, Dr. Phil, that this society fop has taken a male lover, but one he was entrusted with as a child!  How disgusting is that?”    

Wally sighed as he changed the channel, but it was no use.  Another talk show featured a prim woman in an olive-green suit saying, “If Richard Grayson was under eighteen, I would advise removing him from that sick environment” and the audience howled its approval, but Ellen frowned and said, “Well, Doctor, Dick Grayson looks perfectly happy.  I doubt that someone abused would be so full of joy.”


The psychologist sniffed. “Really, Ellen.  Abused children often will stick with the abusers even after years of horror.  This young man has been brainwashed, that’s all.”


“But we’ve never seen any evidence of anything but Dick Grayson being healthy and happy.  Bruce Wayne took him in after the horror of his parents’ death that night at the circus.  Is it that hard to believe that any romance held off until Dick was eighteen?”


“Please, Ellen, considering your immoral lesbian background, how can you be taken seriously?”


Another channel change.  This time Regis was saying, “Well, I’ve met Bruce Wayne several times, and the man’s a charmer.  But he could brood a lot, too.  This kid looks like a good match for him.  I say congratulations!”


Wally turned off the TV in disgust.  He wouldn’t turn on the radio, either, as the talk shows there were even worse, ruled by the right wing and frothing at the mouth right now.


Wally looked down at the newspapers with troubled eyes.  Now that the cat was out of the bag (or was it the bat?), the superhero community knew the truth, too.  The rumors about Batman and Robin were true.  Sighing, Wally gathered up the papers and stacked them in the magazine rack, heading for the kitchen.



Tags: batman/robin, bruce wayne/dick grayson, castle in the clouds
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