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Man, I'm excited and scared all at once! I finally got a workable idea for my romance novel, and have three new ideas I want to write for profic. I've decided that the next month is going to be pro writing month, because I am determined to get published this year or bust! :)

That means possibly slower fanfic postings, but not to worry! I need fanfic for relaxation, and so will continue to work on that. I just might not be as prolific as I've been in the past. :)

I love writing fanfic way too much to give it up! Pro novels are sketchy at best, and until I get a firm contract, I have no deadline except self-imposed. Therefore, I can still write fanfic on a regular basis, just maybe not as often. I hope you understand, and rest assured, I'm still planning on doing everything I intended in the DCU (and Marvel now as well).

My Muses finally kicked in on the professional ideas, so I have to run with them! :)
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