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Tom Brady, Underwear Model?

Last fall this article speculating about Tom possibly becoming an underwear model was printed (the pic is rather interesting, though it's not him in his skivvies, alas). Though I agree the gay blogs were excited at the prospect! :)

Now here there is updated news. I've put the relevant info in this post (I'm not sure using the word 'blow' is a good idea when talking about underwear models, LOL):

February 29, 2008 -- MOVE over, David Beckham - Tom Brady may soon strip to his skivvies. Calvin Klein Inc. is in talks to turn the hunky Patriots quarterback into an underwear model. LA private eye Paul Barresi says the company is "confident that Brady will blow the competition out of the water." While Beckham has sparked a huge rise in Armani underwear sales, Djimon Hounsou, who was nominated twice for an Oscar, is the current Calvin underwear hunk. A Klein mouthpiece sniffed, "We don't comment on rumor."

Tom loves to model, and if he does this, his teammates will be teasing him mercilessly! ;)
Tags: new england patriots, tom brady
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