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Some Marvel-ous Recs, And A Ficcish Update

I've been having a lot of fun reading Steve/Tony Marvel fics the past few days, and found another batch that crossed Marvel with DC in an amusing two-part fic: Cupboard Conundrums Part 1 and Cupboard Conundrums Part 2. In this crossed-over universe, Bruce and Tony know each other, going way back, and Cap finds himself a little jealous. There is a hilarious scene between Thor and a very young Dick in the second part.

Anyway, I had mentioned a fic update and I guess this is kind of one. ;)

I am coming to the conclusion of The End Of All Things, and may have an entry for the St. Patrick's Day Challenge. Rainbow's Freedom is coming along nicely, and I may have been inspired after all this Steve/Tony fic to write a little smut ficlet for them. ;) I do have an idea for a new Steve/Diana fic that might turn out to be rather long. I'm not sure how I'm going to go with it, just some general ideas.

I have fluff pieces to write for the OTP Request Challenge hosted by greeneyelove, and there's a new Bruce/Dick that I'm writing. And, ladybugkay, Dick is not hurt or killed in any way in this fic! ;)

I'm hoping that I'm out of my writing funk with these new ideas, but I'll have to see the finished products first. :)

Lastly, my voice is pretty much back. Everyone was so nice to me last week! Thanks again to all who contributed to making me feel better! :)
Tags: fanfic, rec, writing
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