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Programming Recs

There are some high-quality shows out there IMO so I thought I'd make a few recs:

COLD CASE (Sun., 9:00, CBS)-The show features cold cases on the Philly P.D. It artfully blends the past with the present, seamlessly casting actors who *look* like younger versions of their older selves. The writing is generally very good-to-excellent, and while most of the cases are from the 1950s on to even just a year ago, some have reached back plausibly to the '40s, '30s, and '20s.

HEROES (Mon., 9:00, NBC)-If you like comics (and even if you don't), you should check this show out about people with 'abilities'. They are 'special' people with genetic coding that brings out unusual powers: invulnerability, mind-reading, mindwiping, super-strength, ability to move through time and space, ability to 'paint' the future, flying, control of fire, invisibility, super-hearing, ability to absorb anyone else's power, and much more. The heroes are starting to discover each other as they race to foil a plot that could blow up New York. Don't worry about the convouluted plot. You can catch up on

LAW & ORDER: SPECIAL VICTIMS UNIT (Tues., 10:00, NBC)-Still a high-quality drama that revolves around the Special Victims Unit (sex crimes) in New York City.

FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS (Wed., 8:00, NBC)-Adapted from the book of the same name, this serial drama reels you into the lives of ordinary people in a small Texas town that revolves around the high school football team, the Dillon Panthers. Don't be put off by the football if that's not your thing. The storylines are interesting on their own. It's just a bonus if you like football like I do. :)

MEDIUM (Wed., 10:00, NBC)-I can't say enough about this show. The scripts are consistently high-quality and original. Patricia Arquette is fantastic as Allison DuBois, a real-life medium who has a husband and three kids and works at the Phoenix P.D. The real Allison consults on the show, so I'll assume we have psychic authenticity at least some of the time here. The stories are absorbing and clever.

SMALLVILLE (Thurs., 8:00, CW)-Tales of young Clark Kent before he begins his career as Superman. I got into the show in the first season and fell in love with Clark/Lex slash (plenty of strong slashy moments) and Clex continued for the next few seasons, but, alas, the Superman mythos demands they become enemies. So now the show is good for the development of the Superman mythos (powers, other heroes, etc.). I would recommend the first three seasons for Clex and after that, for the unfolding of the mythos in modern guise. How cool is it to watch the fledging Justice League in actiion! :)

MY NAME IS EARL (Thurs., 8:00, NBC)-'Redneck' comedy that consistently provides original scripts. The COPS spoof is worth the price of admission alone this season. :) Earl is a one-time petty thief and 'bad boy' who after winning the lottery and a car accident (all in the same day!) comes up with a list of all the bad things he did and now goes around trying to make up for it. He says Karma is behind it! :)

THE OFFICE (Thurs., 8:30, NBC)-Steve Carell is hilarious in this show about modern-day office life. Adapted from the British hit of the same name, it's wonderful 'cringe' comedy, as social misfit Michael Scott (Carell) is the office manager of a Scranton, PA paper supply company. Witty dialogue, quirky characters, and crazy subplots abound! :)

SCRUBS (Thurs., 9:00, NBC)-Forget subtext! This show openly jokes about how J.D. and Turk are practically lovers! :) Turk is married now but wife Carla says that she has to share him with J.D. Lots of slashy moments! This show is fast-paced with clever scripts and dialogue set in a rundown hospital. The character of Dr. Perry Cox should win an Emmy every year.

LAW & ORDER (Fri., 10:00, NBC)-Old warhorse that still delivers the goods. Sam Waterston is consistently outstanding as A.D.A. Jack McCoy. The stories can still get you hooked!

LEGION OF SUPERHEROES (Sat., 10:00, WB)-Cartoon version of the Legion. Because of legal issues, Superboy must be referred to as 'Superman', which is jarring, but otherwise the show is enjoyable with lots of humor thrown in with the adventure.

BATMAN (Sat., 10:30, WB)-The show introduced Robin (Dick Grayson) this year so they got me! :) Dark, brooding animation but lightened up by Robin and a young Batgirl (Barbara Gordon).

There is a new show premiering next week on Monday, 10:00, NBC: The Black Donnellys. The promos look intriguing, and I might give it a try. I like the Irish angle (I'm part Irish) and I want to see if the show will hook me or not.

So there you go! :)
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