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Fic: The End Of All Things (4/10)

Title: The End Of All Things (4/10)
Author: BradyGirl
Pairings/Characters (this chapter): Diana, Dinah Lance, Linda/Barbara, brief mentions of Kori and Shayera, Queen Hippolyta, brief mentions of Dick/Roy, Clark/Bruce (Also, see Author’s Notes below)
Genre: Drama
Rating (this chapter): R
Warnings: Aftermath of battlefield violence. There will be character deaths in various chapters.
Spoilers: None
Continuity: Comicsverse (mix of pre-COIE with current canon) and a dash of Smallville.
General Summary: Can a new world arise from the ashes of the old?
Chapter Summary: Diana and the female superheroes arrive on Paradise Island.
Date Of Completion: February 25, 2008
Date Of Posting: March 2, 2008
Disclaimer: I don’t own ‘em, DC does, more’s the pity.
Word Count: 527
Feedback welcome and appreciated.
Author’s Notes: While this was written from Diana’s POV, this story is structured like Strange Brew and The Family Series with multiple characters and pairings. The prominent pairings are Clark/Bruce, Dick/Roy, Ollie/Dinah, and Steve/Diana, and there are other pairings and characters included as well. Each chapter will list those who appear in that particular segment.
All chapters can be found here.
This is a story of loss, grace under fire, and hope. 





Smoke rose up from Paradise Island.  No one spoke a word as they touched down on shore, walking up the beach, the waves washing over the bodies.  Thin, blue-skinned Davons with punctured armor lay in the sand, Amazon bodies strewn around them, swords and crossbows broken and drenched in blood.


There was silence everywhere, not even the sound of a bird or small animal.  Only the sound of the waves crashing on the beach below reached the ears of the small landing party as they climbed the steep cliff face.


In the city, Diana strode through deserted streets, the dead twisted brokenly on marble steps or lying in the dirt.  Broken columns and burned buildings lined the main Avenue of Triumph.  The Queen’s Palace was directly ahead.


Shocked and saddened glances passed among Dinah, Linda and Barbara.  Kori and Shayera’s faces were stoic, their own Warrior pasts not allowing their emotions to show, though Hawkgirl’s hand twitched slightly on her mace.


Diana stepped into the cool halls of the Palace.  Her home.


“Mother?” she called. 


The name echoed in the empty chambers.  The Throne Room held only a few dead Themysciran Guards.  A fountain splashed behind the Palace in the courtyard.  Diana looked up.


“The Temple.”


The women walked quickly up the path, pausing at the top of the hill.


Diana rushed to the woman sprawled out on the steps before the altar of Aphrodite and Athena, the marble statues looking down impassively.




Her voice was a whisper as she gathered the broken body in her arms.  Her mother was in full battle regalia, and Diana removed the dented helmet, blond hair cascading out to frame a bloodless face.


Diana rocked back-and-forth.  Fishnet stockings appeared in her line of sight.




Diana lifted dead eyes to Dinah. “Check to see if there are any survivors.  Then we bury the rest.”


Dinah nodded and left.


Diana started rocking again.


& & & & & &


There were no survivors. 


The work was arduous.  Aphrodite’s Law was no longer in effect, so Dick, Roy, Clark, and Bruce arrived to help with the burials.  When he first arrived, Dick informed Diana with a white face that Donna had died of her wounds, and Diana had merely nodded. 


The mass funeral was conducted by Amazon custom.  Diana presided in a simple white chiton and gold circlet, her iron bracelets sheathed in gold.  The Medal of Athena glinted around her neck. Braziers were lit all along the Avenue of Triumph as the bier of her mother was brought to the Temple.  The others had already been buried, but now was the time, through the symbol of the Queen, to bid all of them goodbye.


Diana spoke the ancient words, the incense sweet and wispy as the sun shone down on the tropical paradise.  Her mother was beautiful as she had always been, and now her long reign was done.  No more worries, no more responsibilities, just an honored place on Olympus.


As the words faded in the breeze, Diana whispered, “May Donna, my sisters, and Steve welcome you to Paradise, Mother.”


She was the last living Amazon now.    

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