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Voiceless But Happy! :)

A little more clear-headed tonight! My throat and ear are still painful but not as bad as last night. My voice is pretty much gone, but that's not exactly a surprise! I don't always lose it with a bad throat but it's not uncommon, either. Luckily I didn't have much reason to talk today, and besides, I'm a pretty quiet girl! :)

I changed my LJ layout to Boston as it fit the month that features St. Patrick's Day. :) The Prudential Center is the tall spired building at the right, and at the lower right-hand corner it looks like a light tower from Fenway Park, so they're representing the Fens here for part of the skyline. When I went to college I could see the Pru rising over the trees in one of the Emerald Necklace parks and the train I took into the city passed Fenway on the way to South Station.

The Swan Boats are depicted, too, and I'm not sure but the tallest building might be the Hancock Tower.

I might be posting another chapter of The End Of All Things before I go to bed. :)

And, finally, the best for last: a big THANK YOU to all who have sent me well-wishes, hugs, and virtual chicken soup! :) I also have people working on fics for me, the dears (and received another wonderful slavefic chapter from starsandsea), and received a lovely Steve/Diana fic from greeneyelove, More Than (f-locked but I wanted to acknowledge the gift), and probably what is the first Steve/Diana fanart ever! *laughs delightedly* It's entitled My Goddess and is by rai_daydreamer. It's absolutely beautiful! :)

I can't express the depths of my gratitude for all your kindnesses and concern. Fortunately loss of voice doesn't mean loss of communication as my fingers still work just fine on the keyboard!

Know that you are treasured.
Tags: flist, rl, thank you
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