bradygirl_12 (bradygirl_12) wrote,

A Few Drugged-Up Ramblings

Ha! You probably thought something naughty, didn't you? :) But the drugged-up part is mostly cough medicine *hacks, coughs*. My ear infection is giving me a pain (literally) and ear infection = sore throat, usually. I get these from time-to-time ever since I was a kid and had a massive infection that landed me in the hospital and sent me home with partial hearing loss. Luckily it wasn't too much loss though the tinnitus can overlay things and shut out softer sounds.

Okay, now that we've gone through my "This Is Your Life" days ;) my ramblings are just that I've been writing my little snippets here and there. I have been working off-and-on polishing the latest chapters of The End Of All Things and gotten a glimmer of a possible Clark/Bruce fic, and wrote out a few snatches of my favorite Amazon and her pretty pilot. ;)

*pouts* *wants fic or art* I wanna see some Diana/Steve fic and Little Bird fic (with Bruce but with Clark or Roy is fine, too, 'cuz Dick is such a slut!) ;) or Wee!Dick and wonderful Clark/Bruce and...and...*sighs* Okay, I'm pathetic! ;) I'm hoping someone will try Steve/Diana and give me a lift, or any of what I mentioned or you know what I like! I'm all huddled up in my quilt with a throat that's painful to swallow and a ringing, painful ear and if I'm not making sense blame the drugs! I hate medication but it's that or no sleep tonight. *frowns* And we have more snow predicted for tomorrow, so I'll be out in the freezing cold shoveling!

*hugs f-list for patience and putting up with, well, outright pouty extortion (write or draw me something or else!) ;)* Listen, I'm just being loopy and weird I love the stuff I've been reading already tonight. Love you lots and you guys make me feel way better than I would without ya! You're sweet and funny and caring and I'm rambling and I don't care 'cuz I'm woozy but I think I'll go read now and probably will be under my quilt all day tomorrow in between Snow Duty. Whee! :)
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