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Been Quite A Week!

It's been an odd week, and maybe the oddest of all my time in fandom. When I write, I usually manage to get a story to a post-able quality. It's rare that fragments just sit around on my computer.

This time I did wind up with a backlog of semi-completed stories that I didn't post, then proceeded to re-work what I had in that backlog. I started posting the ten-part The End Of All Things, written from Diana's POV and involving quite a few DCU characters. I'll probably be working on some others while writing the essays I owe Jen. :)

I do have a plot bunny for the 2008 DCU Fic/Art St. Patrick's Day Challenge and am happy that I'm starting to get back into the writing game again.

It really pleased me that one of my rare Marvel fics (Hail To The Chief) received a good response.

I didn't like having a backlog of stories and really need to write to be happy, I guess! :)
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