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A Banner Day! :)

I am pleased as punch that I finally got around to putting my Challenge banners that I received onto my Profile. :) The first is for the old_school_clex Halloween Challenge that I completed (Conqueror was the entry there) and my 3 WFGE fics (Spicy Peppers And Lush Tomatoes, Heartland II: Apple Pie, Pumpkins, Popcorn, And The Bluebird Of Happiness, and Reel 1961: From The World's Finest Collection).

damo_in_japan helped me with my questions for which I thank him very much! :)

I am always tickled pink when I learn something new in HTML or on LJ. Sometimes both can be rather frustrating but also can be very satisfying when you finally 'get' it! :)

Snowing like crazy outside. We'll easily get 9 inches as predicted. It's been a very snowy winter this year!
Tags: challenge, wfge
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