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Accomplishments And Bunnies ;)

For some reason I've been hit with the organizing bug lately. Last week I organized all my bookmarks, having neglected them for months. I deleted a bunch and put the rest in their appropriate folders. Now I probably won't be able to find anything! ;)

I worked a little on my tags tonight, doing a section a little at a time.

I completed a birthday fic and have an idea for a second one.

I have crossed off fics owed and am on the last one.

Rainbow's Freedom threw me a curve. I was approaching the final set of chapters for the current arc and realized they weren't going to work. I excised them from the outline and may be placing them in the fourth arc. Have to see how it all works out. I'm still quite a bit away from finishing the third arc but I'm satisfied with my progress so far. :)

Got a Marvel-ous plot bunny tonight! I'm not sure if it'll be Steve/Tony or wind up gen, but I'll see if it goes anywhere.

I have a plot bunny for the St. Patrick's Day Challenge.

I was pleased at the reaction to my long Steve/Diana hurt/comfort fic, Stained Glass I: Shattered. It's always heartening to see people enjoying a fic even when it's not one of the 'big' pairings. :)

Diana was very naughty in the fic she shared with Clark/Bruce, Morning-Gold At The Watchtower. Actually, her blond boyfriend was pretty naughty in this one, too! ;) A lot of people enjoyed the sauciness in this one, which pleased me greatly.

More plot bunnies nibbling away, but for tonight, nothing to post. :(

If you've got today off tomorrow, enjoy Presidents' Day! :)
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