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Hawks 'N' Birds

The Batman (Episode 11) (February 16, 2008) LSH was a repeat.  

The Batman was fun today.  Hawkman was the JLA guest star, and he and the Dynamic Duo battled Black Mask and the Shadow Thief.  Robin was a star in this as he was sprayed with elements of the nth element that gives Hawkman his flying power and strength.  Robin was off to the moon but saved!  He probably liked the flying.  J


Hawkman was really good here.  His strength was impressive and he quipped with the best of them!


All the trouble that the criminals caused just made me think that if I lived in Gotham, I’d move to Metropolis!


I liked the final scene a lot.  Bruce looked very relaxed and young in this scene as Dick chirps about grabbing his bathing suit for Gotham’s newest swimming attraction (a building stuck in the harbor after the events of the latest adventure!).    


I know a lot of people don’t like this version of Batman but I do.  I like a younger, less intense Bruce, though don’t make the mistake of thinking he hasn’t got the Bat-intensity when he needs it.  He does.  It’s just nice to see him happy most of the time with Dick and Alfred.  And who says he wasn’t like that when Dick was a very young Little Bird? ;)
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