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Miracle On Ice

Yay, "Miracle" is on tonight! It's the movie that tells the tale of the 1980 U.S. Olympic hockey team who beat the Russians on their way to a gold medal.

That team has special significance around here, as most of us are hockey nuts. Unfortunately, our pro team, the Boston Bruins, haven't been successful since hockey's greatest star, Bobby Orr, and the Big, Bad Bruins graced the ice at the old Boston Garden.

Many guys who grew up around here and were local names from the colleges were on that history-making team. Mike Eruzione and Jim Craig are still recognizable names in this land of ice and snow and 20-degree temperatures (today's temp). :)

Still, college hockey is big here, and kids play hockey as peewees or out on the frozen New England ponds.

Back in 1980, the majority of the U.S. amateur hockey players (no pros allowed back then) came from Massachusetts and Minnesota, and I believe that's pretty much the way it is today. Except, unfortunately, amateurs are out and pros are in now. Pity poor Jim Thorpe didn't become an Olympic star generations later. He could have kept his gold medals.

The movie does a good job of telling the tale and capturing the feel of the times. No Internet, no cellphones, no nothin'! So the team wasn't aware of the impact they'd made, at least not right away. This game's significance was pretty big in the Cold War times, with the Russians' reputation of being unbeatable and the Iran hostage crisis still in full swing.

I wonder if a world of instant communication is always a good thing.

Anyway, if you're interested, the movie is on ABC tonight at 8:00. :)
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