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Morning-Gold At The Watchtower (1/2)

Title: Morning-Gold At The Watchtower (1/2)
Author: BradyGirl
Pairings/Characters (this chapter): Clark/Bruce, Steve/Diana, mention of various JLA’ers and Teen Titans
Genres: Humor, PWP
Rating (this chapter): PG-13
Warnings: None
Spoilers: None
General Summary: On a routine Monitor Duty shift at the Watchtower, Diana finds that it takes a surprising turn.
Summary: Diana is primed for pleasure after a phone call.
Date Of Completion: February 11, 2008
Date Of Posting: February 15, 2008
Disclaimer: I don’t own ‘em, DC does, more’s the pity.
Word Count: 1409
Feedback welcome and appreciated.
Author’s Notes: Written for my LJ First Anniversary Fic Request Meme for starsandsea , who requested Clark/Bruce. Prompt: Pictures. :)
All chapters can be found here. 





The JLA Watchtower was a quiet place this morning.  Diana poured herself a good, strong cup of coffee in the cafeteria, then walked down the corridor, the sun’s first rays touching her costume, her boot heels sounding loud in the silence.  Even those heroes currently residing here at the Tower were off somewhere, either on patrol or working their day jobs.  Diana sipped her coffee and arrived at the Monitor Room.


Clark was the one she was relieving, and he was watching the monitors while talking to Bruce, who was sitting in the chair next to him.  Diana watched the two of them together, pleased at their camaraderie.  They had settled into an easy friendship years ago, punctuated by disagreements but amicably settled, unless one was putting himself in harm’s way that the other deemed unnecessary. 


“Dick said that he and Roy were…oh, hello, Princess.”


“Hello, Bruce.” Diana walked in. “Anything to report, Clark?”


He shook his head. “Pretty quiet.  Hopefully it’ll stay that way.”


Diana nodded, watching as Bruce unfolded himself from the chair and stood, Clark also rising and stretching. “I have some time before I have to go to work,” he said, checking the chronometer. “Want to grab a bite before we leave, Bruce?”


Bruce nodded and Diana said, “Have a good breakfast, boys.” She slid into the chair that Clark had just vacated and put her coffee mug and cellphone down on the console and went through her own beginning-of-shift checks, running through the security cameras on-board and pointing to Earth, then to the ones keeping vigil on the solar system.  She smiled as she saw the box of chocolate bars that Clark had left her.  He always claimed that chocolate was good energy food, and she wasn’t about to argue.


Chocolate was food from the Gods, or so Steve said.  She smiled as she thought of her lover, and her fingers flew over the computer board.  She was gifted indeed from Aphrodite to have found such a love.


Her mind ran over other members of the League and their love lives as she performed the routine checks.  Dinah and Ollie were doing all right, and Shayera had made up with Katar after their fight of a few days ago, and J’onn apparently had a mystery lady or gentleman for the moment.  Both the married couples, Barry and Iris, and Ralph and Sue, were doing fine, and the auxiliary Leaguers didn’t have any romantic disasters occurring at the moment. 


Donna had confidentially told her that Dick and Roy were hiding their feelings of first love for each other from the general world, but the Titans knew and didn’t care.  Diana was pleased.  A same-sex relationship was something she could relate to, after all.  Before Steve all her sexual experiences had been with women, by necessity and by choice.  She knew the road was harder here for those who followed that path, but she was determined to support any gay couples who might come out.


She wondered if Clark and Lois were all right when it came to dating, and Bruce had an on-again, off-again thing with Selina, but she hadn’t heard much about anything on those fronts, lately.  Well, no news was good news, right?


And speaking of same-sex experiences, she thought of Hal, currently unattached, but she knew that he was sleeping on occasion with Dinah and Ollie.  Another unconventional relationship that bothered her not in the least.  Hal and Steve had been lovers years ago, and she was pleased at her lover’s bisexuality.  It matched hers as well.


Her mouth quirked into amusement.  She had effectively run down the love lives of her friends and colleagues and now was going to entertain some decidedly sexual thoughts as she turned her mind to tonight…


Her cellphone rang and she picked it up from the console. “Hello?” Her face brightened. “Hello, Steve!” She immediately relaxed while keeping her eyes on the monitor. “Everything all right?”


“Sure.  Can’t I call my best gal without it being an emergency?”


“Of course, my love.” Diana finished her security checks and leaned back in her chair, putting one boot on the edge of the console. “Have you decided on whether or not you would like to go out to eat or stay in tonight?”


“Hmm, well, I admit that eating out is tempting since we haven’t gone out in awhile, but isn’t that PBS documentary about Alexander the Great on tonight that you wanted to see?  Though I suppose we could record it to watch later.”


She laughed. “Yes, I want to make a copy, anyway, and send it to Mother.  She knew Alexander quite well, you know.”


Amusement laced his voice. “Really?  What was her opinion of him?”


Her boot nudged a switch and internal security showed her the cafeteria.  It was empty except for Clark and Bruce sitting at their favorite table by the window, drinking coffee and eating breakfast.


“She said that he was arrogant but fair, and seemed genuinely quite interested in other cultures.  He wasn’t exactly like most of the men of the time, but she still had to keep her guard up.”


“Did she meet Hephaestion, too?”


“Wherever Alexander was, he was sure to be close by.”


Steve’s voice was warm. “I can relate to that.”


Diana smiled as she watched her friends at their meal, Clark looking very relaxed and even Bruce lacking tension of any kind.  Clark indicated a point with his fork, and Bruce’s mouth curved in amusement.


“She said that Alexander was a charismatic leader, and Hephaestion preferred more of a supporting/background role amongst the King’s inner circle, but was more than capable of leadership himself if needed.”


“Your mother has good insights into people.”


“She’s very intuitive.” Except about you. “Are we ordering in pizza tonight?”


He laughed. “You have a craving again?”


“I do.” She grinned into the phone.


“Okay.  We’ll order in pizza, get all comfy on the couch, I’ll wear my old jeans and tee, you can wear your jeans and that red sweater…or maybe nothing at all.”


Her grin grew wider. “You’re very salacious today.”


“You bring it out of me.” His voice lowered. “Whenever I see you in that tight, tight costume, love, I just want to run my hands all over you, from breasts to waist to…”


“Steve…” Diana shifted in her seat.


“C’mon, Angel, you know you’d like to wrap your legs around me and then roll us over and pin me down…”


Diana suppressed a groan.  It was true.  She did love to use her strength on her lover.  Her eyes registered Clark and Bruce laughing as they stood up from their table and casually walked out of the cafeteria.


“…feel me beneath you, straining upward and wanting to kiss you…if you let me…”


Diana bit her lip.  Damn Steve, anyway!  He knew just how to push her buttons.  Sweet and romantic lovemaking was definitely part of the repertoire, but the little dominance games they played always aroused her.


As she was getting aroused now.  Her eyes narrowed as she watched Clark and Bruce walk down the hall to the private quarters, Batman’s cape trailing out behind him as he glided, Superman’s cape shimmering in the sunlight streaming through the windows.


“Enough, my Apollonian tease!”


“Apollonian…?  Ah, the God of the Sun!”


“Yes, you well know that, my love, with your hair the color of the sun.” She really loved that silky hair.


Clark paused at his door and smiled, then invited Bruce in.  The door swooshed shut behind them.


Her lover’s laugh was rich and tingled all the way through her body, right to her…


“Can’t wait for tonight, Angel.  Oops, gotta go!  The general wants me in the conference room ASAP.”


“I will see you tonight, my love.” She paused. “And I will be punishing you for this little conversation.”


“That a promise?”


She swore in Greek and he laughed, saying, “I’ll see you soon, Angel.”


Diana couldn’t help but smile despite her predicament.  She put down the cellphone, her blood singing, and she decided there was no way she was going to be able to wait until tonight to ease her arousal.


She glanced back at the door.  Closed.  She turned back and her boot hit a switch.  Monitor Room camera off.  Good.


She eased back in her chair, her hand sliding down below her belt…suddenly, she blinked.  Leaning forward, her eyes widened.


“Great Hera!” 









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