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There's Always Hope

Smallville "Fracture" (Episode 12) (Season 7) (February 14, 2008)

Wow, okay. Quite the episode!


Clark has it, without doubt, without the stumbling the writers have given him in the world of SV.  How could he not be compassionate when he saw what little Alexander went through?  An abusive father who helped make him the man he is today.  Did anyone else cheer when Lex just walked away after that declaration of love by Lionel? 


How Lex managed to maintain any sanity at all in that house shows his strength.  Constantly badgered and verbally and physically abused by a twisted authoritarian father trying to ‘make him a man’, he tried desperately for approval and was torn in two. 


What struck me most about this scene was Lillian.  After Lionel left, I expected her to comfort Alexander.  The kid had been forced to spill the beans under threat from Lionel!  He’s just a kid!  And yet she came across here as cold, too, leaving him without comfort.


Could it be that the mother Lex has idolized in memory has been simply idealized in that memory all these years?  That moment between mother and son stood out for me.

Did Alexander break your heart?


Of course any Clex fan is happy at Clark recognizing the good still in Lex.  He knows his friend is in there somewhere, and he’ll always hope to see him come back.  That is a great explanation for any futurefic in which Clark is always hoping for Lex’s redemption and why he continues to hope for it.


I did like the idea of the two of them so in sync that they lived and died together.


Chloe was awesome, but her power is a dubious one in that she’s going to end up really dead someday after using it.


Lillian looks a lot like Martha.

The whole scene with Lana was...creepy.  She's a surrogate for these two, the socially-acceptable one, but it still creeped me out.  And it was jarring.  I didn't think that scene belonged in this story.   


Lex has genuine affection for Kara, but he’s hoping to learn the Kent secret through her.


Little wonder that the Evil Lex is trying to kill Alexander.  He knows that the child is keeping him from total darkness. 


Lois and Kara…like these girls together!  :)


Clark still trusts Lex.  He willingly followed Alexander and almost gave up his chance to get back to reality to reassure the child.


The Lex he knew the first three seasons of Smallville was a man trying not to let the darkness take hold of him.


After possession by Zod, he’s been going further and further down the dark path.


I liked this episode.  It read like fanfic!  :)  But the scene between him and Lex in the library was excellent.  Clark is always hoping. 


And was that box on Lex’s desk a container for that Alexander the Great statue he was painting as a child?


See, give the boys some screen time together and you get a good episode. :)

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