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My Writing/My Readers Meme

We writers are a curious bunch, and I decided to find out what made my readers happy. This meme is skewed toward the positive, since like most writers, I feel that I am always trying to improve and are well aware of my weaknesses, so I’m going to ask questions that accentuate the positive, as the old song says, but can still help me improve. Oh, and pairings can include threesomes or more if that’s your thing. ;)

This isn’t exactly a meme that is a poll to choose the next pairing I write or anything, but could give me food for thought. It could also give me insight into my readers, whom I appreciate very much. If any writers would like to gank this, please do! I’d love to answer these questions for you myself! And if artists think this meme can be modified for them, please do, because I enjoy talking about art even though I probably don't know what the heck I'm talking about! LOL! Okay, have at it and thank you! :) 

  1. What is about my writing that pleases/interests/delights you and gets you all excited when you see a BradyGirl fic pop up on your f-list?  ;)  What stands out the most when you read a story of mine?


  1. Disregarding what I write for a moment, who are your favorite pairings in general?


  1. Of the pairings I write, which ones do you enjoy reading the most?  Which is your favorite?  What is about them that you like when you read a story of mine featuring them (can discuss more than one pairing)?


  1. Have you become interested in a pairing you have never read before or had no inclination previously to read because I have written them?  Why?


  1. What genre(s) do you enjoy most that I’ve written?  Any genres you would like to see more of from me?


  1. Do you like short pieces or long stories?  Do you enjoy series?  Do you like all kinds of, ahem, length? ;) 


  1. If femslash is your thing, are you enjoying the couples I’m already writing (Catwoman/Black Canary, Wonder Woman/Black Canary, Silver Age Supergirl/Batgirl)?  What femslash pairings interest you?


  1. Okay, this is tricky.  My Muses either ‘get’ a couple for me to write or not, but sometimes trying out the new helps me get it together.  And I’m not extremely well-versed in current canon, so remember that!  :)  Any pairings/threesomes or more you would like to see me write that I never have before, or have only mentioned in passing?  Pairings current or past? (I do ‘Past’ pretty well.)  ;)


  1. Most of my readers like slash, reading and/or writing it.  Do you also read het and gen?  Perhaps not as much but willing to do so by any writer you like?


  1. Again, slash couples are the majority on my f-list.  My curiosity is aflame, however: any het couples who are your little secrets that you like?  Besides my liking for Steve/Diana (no secret there, LOL) I enjoyed reading/writing Maya/Tony from the ‘70s British TV series, Space: 1999.


  1. What are your favorite stories written by me?  Why? (I have them all listed in the Links List on my LJ!)   :) 


  1. Again, Muses are stubborn sometimes, but are there any series you would like to see continued or any stories that would merit a sequel?  I can’t guarantee anything would come of this, but it sure helps me know which way the winds are blowing out there!  :)





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