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Some Ramblings, Ficcish And Otherwise

Man, it’s been a crazy day! I got up later than usual after a long night last night, and I’ve been trying to play catch-up all day! :)

I wrapped up Stained Glass I: Shattered yesterday and posted it, and finished the first draft of my Valentine’s Day fic. It needs polishing but should be ready in time.

My Clark/Bruce Muses whispered to me and I’ve started a short fic for them, and I’m trying to catch up on the f-list, which I am behind yet again! :)

Lately the Amazing Amazon has captured my Muses, insisting that she have some screen time and I've gifted her with time with the Blond Boyfriend and some with the Blond Pretty Bird. ;)

Also, I have a few possible story ideas with Selina, and hopefully they’ll take off soon. :)

Rainbow's Freedom hasn't stalled yet, so that's progressing at a nice pace.

Other ruminations include fanfic writing in general. While I am hopeful, of course, that I am considered a good writer first-and-foremost, I’ve been poring over my list of fics and am pleased to see an eclectic variety there, whether in genre or rating or pairing. I know that certain types of fic or pairings tend to stick with each writer, and while I have written a variety I know that I’ve got my own corner of the fanfic universe over here. LOL!

Mainly it’s because I don’t hew that closely to current canon but I think I capture the spirit of the characters. My writer’s curiosity wonders what pairing or kind of fic pops into people’s heads when they see my name on their f-list or comm., and that’s why I said I’m hopeful that Good Fic is first! ;)

I write some popular pairings and have some niche pairings, and both kinds give me much joy. I have a certain style and am always trying to try something a little different now and then, hopefully succeeding! :) Though I’ll admit I like my comfort zone as well, as some of my best work has been from that zone.

Well, that’s pretty much it for ramblings. Oh, and I haven’t looked at a sports page or a football message board except the Patriots’ board for a week. I am so glad that fandom is here for me, because I sure need a refuge right now! :)
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